101 Experts Share their Top Link Building Techniques

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

101 Experts Share their Top Link Building Techniques

101 Experts Share their Top Link Building Techniques

If you thought link building was dead, think again.

Before 2012 link building was a relatively straightforward affair.

The more links you had pointed at your website, the higher your ranking in the search engines.

That simple formula was crushed beneath the Google Penguin update of 2012.

But link building didn’t die.

In fact, quality link building was never affected at all.

The internet is about finding data and making connections when you need them.

Good links are simply connections to other websites, and organic links from one website to another are meaningful.

Readers will follow links to find more good content.

Search engines will follow links to see how website are related.

If one quality website is connected to another quality website, reader and search engines alike reward both of the websites with more views and trust.

On the other hand, being connected to a spammy or poorly developed website can harm your site.

Links to and from powerful sites show your site as being powerful.

Links to and from websites with shady practices make you look shady as well.

So if authentic link building is still critical, how do you go about building those quality connections?

What websites do you want connected to your own for your customers and the search engines?

We took the top link building techniques from 101 experts to find you the best ways to build quality, helpful links in 2020.

Read on to learn more.

1) Gail Gardner– | TwitterFacebook | Linkedin

Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner

The very best way to “build” links is to attract them organically.

Do that by including current statistics, colorful graphics and quotable thought leader insights in your content.

Providing other writers and journalists with what they need gives them a good reason to find and link to your site.

Choose a trending topic that is likely to be popular over time.

Contact thought leaders on that topic and include original quotes. (Make sure you provide attribution.)

Create original images, videos, SlideShares, and infographics and explicitly give permission for their republication.

Brian Wallace of NowSourcing does this particularly well in the infographics his company creates for their clients.

Read my recent post How to Attract Organic Links and Mentions with Content to find out what he does and how you can do it, too.

2) Uttoran Sen– | TwitterFacebook | Linkedin

Uttoran Sen

Uttoran Sen

While the best of the people from within the search engines will tell you to not actually build links but build content that attracts links.

In a way they might be right as the whole point of building natural links is that they don’t just seem natural, but are actually natural.

However, over the years – from what we have seen, this is simply a fairy tale.

If you want links, you have to build them in some ways or the other.

Here’s a small step by step method that has worked well for us.

Link building is always a personal thing and everyone has their own methods – am just mentioning one of my methods that has worked well so far.

1. Build content.

This can be simple text or infographics or pretty much anything.

Once you have a regular stream of content coming in, start breaking down your content into categories that best suits your business.

People will link to your content pages, so it is best to be as relevant as possible.

2. Outreach.

People need to know where your content is and unless you outreach the right folks to see your content, they won’t be linking to it.

There are several ways to approach this situation and the best of the methods starts with giving, rather than expecting.

3. Guest Posts.

Another good way to get links, mentions or visibility is from guest posts.

Try and hunt down some very targeted and authority blogs in your niche, get some networking going with them and start pitching them some guest post request.

The idea is to bring people to your best content and not just any random people – but those that have to sight and the authority to link you from sources that matters.

3) Jitendra Vaswani – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani

“My top link building technique  is doing expert roundups on my blog & asking those experts to share on special media channels & their blog about pages.

I am also getting links by getting featured on roundups this helping me to get links easily and every influencer has its reach. ”

4) Larry KimFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Larry Kim

Larry Kim

The easiest way to get a link is to turn a citation into a link.

This means looking on Google for pre-existing articles that already mentioned you or your company, thanking them for publishing it, and asking them if they might be willing to edit the content to include a link.

If you ask very nicely, there is a pretty good chance they will say YES!

5) Ryan Biddulph Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

Link building is about building bonds with bloggers so really, link building is relationship building before anything else.

Publish helpful content.

Be generous.

People link to valued content solving reader problems.

Build bonds with top bloggers.

Comment genuinely on their blog and promote them on your blog freely, as well as promoting them via social media.

Friends link to valued content, giving you sweet backlinks.

6) David Leonhardt – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

I have to admit, this was not my original intent, but submitting my content links to BizSugar has been a huge SEO boon.

Other bloggers have picked up my material and blogged about it.

Small Business Trends picks from among the more timely content and blogs about it….exposing my content to still more audiences.

This is the most natural of link-building, as it is based on the topic and the quality of content.

BizSugar becomes a tool to get the content in front of the eyes of people who might want to link to it.

That is the essence of quality, sustainable link-building.

7) Kulwant Nagi Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi

One link building technique which I loved more than any other technique is HARO link building technique.

HARO is such an awesome platform to build the links that you can even get mentioned on Entrepreneur, INC, TechCrunch and all other big publications easily.

Just keep replying to the best questions and you can have the backlinks from one of the strongest portals in the world.

If you know how to write an awesome content which is SEO optimized as well, there are very high chances to get picked by the top authors.

8) Justin Germino – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Link building is a must for any website in order to have gain traction in the search engine results page and have your site grow as a recognized authority.

One of the ways I build backlinks is of course by leaving valuable feedback on other sites, videos and forums in a related niche in the same topics that I cover. This isn’t just a comment like “good article” but one that covers specific points talked about, asks questions that the article didn’t specifically address and maybe could have or adds valuable feedback for the content creator.

My intention is not to just simply leave a comment and backlink for the backlink sake but to encourage an interaction because getting known and noticed and having interaction is just as valuable as simply getting a link.

Guest posting on other sites and offering interviews is another way to get backlinks, you can interview others too and often they will share or drop links (mostly on social media) to your interview of them.

This still plays to my intention that interaction and engagement to me is a better form of link building than simply drop and go commenting or guest posting.

9) Janice Wald  – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Janice Wald

Janice Wald

Rather than create quality content and wait for people to link to you, you should create quality content and link to your own content from blogs with a high DA.

This technique is called “Off-site Optimization.”

Here are suggestions for sites with high DA’s you could build links to your site from:

Content Syndication Networks: Medium.com is an example.

Content Management Systems That Require Original Content: You can blog at Quora.com for example. Go to your Quora Space and click “Post.”

You can link to your blog from forums that allow you to.

Comment on blogs with a high DA.

Make sure the blogs are in your niche.

This article recommends eight blogs with high DA’s that accept comment: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/blog-commenting-sites/

Guest post

Participate in expert interviews.

Contribute to HARO: https://www.helpareporter.com/.

Reporters generally have blogs with a high Domain Authority Ranking.

Publish expert interviews.

Often the participants and others will link to them.

More indepth details about these strategies can be found here: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/off-page-seo-techniques-2/

10) Enstine Muki – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki

“Building healthy relationships and creating link-worthy content will work well for long term link building.

But this goes with patience and a lot of waiting exercise.

You’ll just have to wait for peers to link out to you.

That’s link earning but a quick and steady way to control and build relevant links is by creating engaging content for other sites in your industry.

Though guest posting is being abused by many SEOs, it’s still regarded as a backlinking activity that will not damage your SOE profile.

If you hire any SEO firm for link building with Guest Posting, be sure to do some checks and approve any domain they want to submit content to for your links”

11) Emory Rowland Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Emory Rowland

Emory Rowland

“Get link building into the genetic code of your content by producing masterpiece posts that people will have a high probability of linking to.

When you’re developing content, think of yourself as doing link building.

Doing this improves your chances of getting natural links and makes it way easier to approach someone for a link.”

12)  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Thank you for inviting me to this roundup.

I do not know if I am an expert, and to be honest, I never cared about link building and ranking, but I am in the online world now for seven years and saw many bloggers coming and going again, but also some succeed.

I noticed what helped them.

In my opinion, the best strategy for building backlinks is genuine and meaningful blog commenting, which helps to connect and get known — but also creating valuable, helpful content that is worth linking.

It can be time-consuming and needs patience and persistence.

I saw many brilliant examples which show that this works.

Connecting through genuine, valuable blog commenting, and creating content that is a resource worth linking to will help to build quality backlinks.

13) Lisa Sicard – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Lisa Sicard

Lisa Sicard

Link to others relevant content from your blog post.

Be sure to give them a sentence or two not just a couple of words.

Then expound upon why in a short explanation.

For example in my latest blog post I mention Martin and Sue-Ann: ” I was interviewed on a podcast recently by Martin Lindeskog as a Biz Sugar member.

And then by Sue-Ann Bubacz on MssyBiz chatting about Twitter. ” This was added after a paragraph about podcasting.

After the post is published mention them on social media so they can go and see the link. Oftentimes, they will link back to you in a future blog post.

Others may send an email to those that they link to. Both are great ways to let them know you have linked to them.

Not everyone sees it in their google analytics or WordPress dashboard.

The second way I generate links is to comment on relevant blog posts.

Do not comment just for the links but try to find at least 3-5 good blog posts relevant to your niche and leave comments on them.

Make sure they are at least a couple of sentences and add something to the topic! It’s a great way to network with others in your niche as well.

Lastly, a great to build links is to leave testimonials for others. This can be done on the websites themselves or on Facebook pages, etc.

Link building is really relationship building. It takes time and it must be done earnestly.

14) Lorraine RegulyFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly

I don’t actually use any specific techniques.

I have built up backlinks to my site through guest posting (linking to my site within the actual article and also in the article bio or byline).

People have linked to me when they found my content valuable. I don’t do link exchanges; I never have.

I participate in round-up posts for three reasons:
1. I get a backlink to my site.
2. I get exposure to a new audience.
3. It adds to my credibility online.

The bonus for everyone who invites me to participate is that I will link to the round-up post for free, from both of my sites! (This could be a link-building tactic for you, if you want to build up your backlinks! *hint-hint*)

Despite the warning that Google will somehow penalize you for charging for backlinks, I still charge for backlinks (via sponsored posts) and for link placements (adding a link to an existing post) on Wording Well.

15) Minuca ElenaFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Minuca Elena,

Minuca Elena,

My favorite link building techniques are related to the same thing, expert roundups.

Basically, there are two ways in which you can receive links through roundups.

1. Creating expert roundups. You come up with a question about something important from your industry, you reach out to influencers and successful bloggers, then after you collect their answers and publish the post you contact them again asking them to share the post and link to it.

Everyone will share the post on social media and a good part of them will link to it.

For this to happen you have to keep in mind a few things: your site must look professional (has a nice design, loads fast), you have to proofread the content to remove the typos and grammar mistakes, and the topic must be something really valuable.

Experts don’t link to all the posts in which they are featured, they link only to those that are high-quality.

2. Featuring in roundups as an expert. Don’t refuse any invitation to appear in a post, it doesn’t matter if it’s a full interview about you, a podcast, or if you are included between 40 other experts.

As a freelance writer specializing in roundups, I had experts that declined my invitation which asked me to invite them only to roundups for big sites.

The thing is that everyone wants to be featured on famous sites so then it’s much easier to find experts, whereas on small sites it’s much more difficult.

So personally I appreciate more the people that reply to all my roundups, even when the benefit is perceived as being small.

Think about something, you can write a 2,000 words guest post to get a backlink or you can write a 200 words answer for a roundup and get the same link.

16) Rachit Singh – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh

I’ve been mostly into content writing so naturally, any kind of marketing I do revolves somewhat around content.

The same goes for link building.

I rely mostly on outreach based guest posting and genuine comments for my projects.

However, for some projects, I’d like to experiment with PBN’s if it’s needed.

Outreach based link building such as guest posting or infographic guest posting although are time and labor-intensive, but in the long run they pay off.

In both guest posting & infographic link building, I spend a great amount of time building that resource, a long-form guide, or a good infographic that will be worth linking to.

I look at it from a blog owner’s point of view. If this infographic was sent to me to be considered as a guest post, would I feature it? If yes, then I’d go forward with the outreach campaigns.

Creating such content takes time and effort, but as the campaign ends, you can see the results if you did everything right.

17) Bill Gassett Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Bill Gassett

Bill Gassett

The best technique I have found for link building is writing on other peoples sites in my niche.

The benefits, however, are much more than getting links but sharing my expertise to a different audience.

While Maximum Real Estate Exposure is picking up a link, the additional benefit is growing my brand and authority as a real estate expert.

Typically, the sites I’ll reach out to are well known with excellent reputations for delivering nothing but quality content.

The have great brand recognition and are seen as authority sites.

Some of the top-shelf sites in the real estate/financial niche include RIS Media, Inman News, The National Association of Realtors, and Credit Sesame.

Being able to post content on these sites has elevated my writing skill along with bringing additional name recognition.

It becomes a real win-win.

18) Mark A Newsome – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Marki Newsome

Marki Newsome

“Personally, when it comes to considering a proven, time tested
process, for consistently generating, quality back links.

Unlike far too many aspiring online newbie marketers. Before trying
to secure quality back links.

It’s critically important to do a little, strategic reverse engineering.

And keep in mine. These websites, are actually owned by

So it’s far more important, to your long term success.

You go about diligently building, rock solid relationships, with these owners first.

Because even though webmasters do periodically change blogging
directions .

And web pages constantly get re-shuffled, each time Google or the other major
search engines make a crucial change to their complex algorithms.

What remains dependable, is rock solid relationships, which can and will endure.

Which like me, can lead to phone interviews with influential marketers.

Guest blogging and guest podcasts opportunities. Round up post opportunities, on high ranking blogs.

And the opportunity to write the foreword, for one of the webs,
most respected, social media marketing experts, best selling ebooks.

Currently selling on Amazon.

This is why, I personally value the rock solid relationships being built, far over, just trying to generate quality back links.”

19) Santanu Debnath Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Santanu Debnath

Santanu Debnath

Link building techniques that worked like a charm a few years back have been changed completely.

I am sure, the importance of link building in 2020 will be different compared to previous years. Let me explain.

1) In 2020, Link Building will work if you are able to keep the relevancy high.

We are aware of that quantity doesn’t matter without quality.

But with quality also, if you are able to make sure the relevancy very high then those backlinks will definitely give you the maximum results.

2) Guest posting is still the best & legit way to create quality backlinks.

But make sure to keep your anchors less keyword optimized and stress more on growing as an author.

3) Besides Guest post, I believe taking part in Expert Roundup posts, getting interviewed by some other bloggers, featuring or getting mentions from different platforms & blogs are other great ways to get a very high-quality backlink.

4) Other than that, I still believe in creating backlinks through profile creation sites, forum commenting, social bookmarking, etc.

They may not work great in the short term, but to make your overall backlink profile diversified they are great.

But make sure to create such links slowly.

20) Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

I entered the online community as a blog comment author even before having my own blog.

Even after building a good rapport with many experts and influencers I still follow this strategy as one of my top link building techniques.

Our value-added subject related strategic comments can bring in a lot of attention from the readers as well as from the blog owners and most often that leads to conversion.

I have published an article on this subject under the title “The Power of Blog Comments”.

Indeed the magical power of blog comments is amazing! It can be used as wonderful Link Building Techniques.

21) Alice Elliott – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott

Have you ever considered commenting as a method of building up links? Whenever you leave a comment, you are able to submit an URL to your website or blog.

This is an acceptable way of linking your comment to your site which isn’t considered spammy or is at the mercy of the moderation systems.

This link is usually not immediately obvious to a comment reader.

It hides behind the name you also submit with your comment.

Therefore you need to do four things:

Use your real name instead of an alias or your company name.

Use an email that is connected to your gravatar to enhance your credibility.

Submit an URL to a post in your blog which relevant to the post you’re commenting on, not your blog’s homepage.

Suggest readers click on your name to find out more.

Commenting works as a good method of building up links if you:

Write substantial comments (at least 3 sentences) that add value, rather than just ‘Nice post’.

Make your comment stand out by answering a question or solving a problem.

Use quality writing to get yourself noticed and to entice readers to click on your name to visit your site.

Build a rapport with the blogger by using their name in your comment, to guarantee a reply.

Commenting helps with SEO because:

Search engines will recognise keyword matches in comments and index it accordingly.

Linking to a relevant blog post is attractive to search engines, which will value this relevance enough to increase your site’s Domain Authority.

Continuing conversations in comments increases the host blog’s popularity, which attracts interest from the search engines.

Regular commenting increases the chance of your comments getting noticed, indexed, clicked on and crawled back to your site.

Much of these practices can be adapted for social media, forums and other online activities, as well as commenting on blogs, with some excellent writing and a little imagination.

22) Allan Pollett – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Allan Pollett

Allan Pollett

After the many Penguin and Panda updates, link building has become a challenge.

However, there are many legitimate methods to build links.

The most popular are citation links like Yelp!, Yellow Pages, Homestars.

These types of links not only act as high authority sources but can also drive traffic to a business.

In order best utilize these links make sure they contain rich content like a full optimized profile with images, keyworded content and added reviews.

To further strengthen these links it is important to share them on social media and build 2nd tier links to them.

The goal is to create a hybrid of pyramid links and citation links, where you establish as much authority with a minimum number of links.

23) Adam Chronister Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Adam Chronister

Adam Chronister

We like to utilize broken link building to acquire expired domains with existing backlinks.

Recently we have been implementing strategy whereby we utilize broken link checker tools to find abandoned domains we can acquire.

The processes go as follows;

We identify the target market or industry we are seeking links from, then identify the top website properties in that space.

We then run those sites through a tool like Ahrefs looking for broken external links.

If we find any, we examine the domain that the referential (broken) link is pointing to.

We know at minimum the broken link domain has a link from the authority page we are examining, but often more links are pointing into these expired or abandoned domains.

We check these domains to see if they have been abandoned.

If we find they are no longer owned by anyone, we grab the domain and either 301 redirect it to one of our properties or better yet will rebuild the site using https://waybackrebuilder.com/ and then get that site re-indexed and can use this newly created website property to link out to any property we like.

24) Navin Rao Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Navin Rao

Navin Rao

Well, though there are several link building strategies, which would help you create an Authoravive website.

But, it’s always advisable to think of the long run while creating backlinks for your website.

There are many forms of link building, but not all of them are good for the long run and would create a brand for you.

Let me tell you what I love the most.

1. Guest Blogging – One of the finest ways, to connect with new bloggers in your own niche.

You offer content and get a backlink and most importantly a new blogging connection that will keep building the chain with their readers too.

Make sure the content you offer, is not just to get a backlink, Put some more value in it, just like you create your own blog post.

2. Check competitors – This is the sweetest way to acquire new backlinks.

Put the URL of your competitor in the tools like SEMrush and check where they have created backlinks from.

You can do the same to acquire links from those sites.

3. Info-graphics – The best way to get more exposure is by creating Infographics.

you can invest some time in creating a valuable infographic and place your brand name over there.

And while placing in your blog post, make sure to put an embed code beneath it so that others who like it, can embed it on their site as well.

It will a win-win situation, and you get a valuable backlink.

4. Link to others – You need links, what about others? They need it too right? How about linking to your fellow bloggers? This is one of the good ideas to create strong bonds around.

Keep linking to others’ valuable content from yours. Sooner or later, links will come back to you as well. Consider your blogging efforts like a boomerang.

5. OutReaching – You might think, outreaching for backlinks is just a waste of time.

Well, that’s not the case. Most of the time it gets fruitful if you offer them the thorough content.

Make sure your email pitch should sound a win-win for both sides.

These are a few backlink strategies that I rely on.

I always think of long term bonding.

25) Raelyn Tan – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Raelyn Tan

Raelyn Tan

My best link building “tactic” has always been to, well, write “linkable” content.

What this means is to ensure that your content is top-notch and appealing. Do a google search and look at the top articles on your topic.

Make sure that your article is at least 2x better than the best one.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to add additional elements to increase the chances of your content being linked to.

My go-to ideas that will increase the chances of webmasters linking to you are to create an accompanying infographic that completely blows all other infographics about the topic out of the park and to include useful research, statistics, or surveys that you’ve conducted inside your article.

Such elements will increase the quality of your article, leading to a better user experience that serves your readers better.

Also, these elements will help you to build links a lot faster because people love adding statistics or infographics into their articles because it serves THEM and improves THEIR own content significantly.

26) Ivan Jurišić – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ivan Jurišić

Ivan Jurišić

I believe that guest posting is still the best link building technique out there.

Although the majority of people get this wrong thinking you should pay for a link, the truth is that you can get backlinks for free while enjoying your job.

Well, at least if you love what you do and write about.

Guest posting gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge & skills and get feedback from people who wouldn’t usually visit your personal or company blog.

And if you take this approach and write about what you love, links will come naturally – whether from the post itself, the author biography or any other way.

And if you really have something unique to write about, people will recognize that and want you to write guest posts for them.

27) Anil Agarwal Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

The best way to build links in 2020 and beyond in any niche is to build strong relationships with other bloggers.

Hands down, relationship building is the most effective way to build highly relevant links to your site.

The key here is to link out to other bloggers who are sharing exceptional content.

Also, share their stuff, leave thoughtful comments, spend quality time to network with other bloggers.

All these things can help you immensely to build quality backlinks.

Learn how to do blogger outreach smartly.

After all, it’s all about helping each other out to build a successful blog in the long run.

28) Brenda Stoltz – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin



Content is key to great marketing and it would seem that guest blogging is the easiest way to increase backlinks to your site.

However, guest blogging without strategic planning could end up costing you time and money. More importantly, you could be jeopardizing your position as a thought leader in your industry.

Be sure to set clear, strategic, and targeted goals from the beginning and familiarize yourself with the audience and their needs.

The more relevant the submission, the more likely your blog is to be selected and resonate with their readers.

29) Jason Patel – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Jason Patel

Jason Patel

Certain publications will ask you to write posts for them, so write actionable, organized, and substantive advice.

Write the best piece you possibly can.

Be sure to act like a source they can come back to, and, soon enough, you’ll become a valuable part of their content team.

One or two articles per month over the year equals a lot of links and goodwill.

Relationships are critical to succeed in SEO.ab

30) Jon Tromans –  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Jon Tromans

Jon Tromans

I always think the best way to build links is to look at your existing and future marketing campaigns and make sure you build in specific digital outreach elements that will bring in those links.

We’re not trying to place links in specific places, we’re looking to promote a business extremely well online so you generate links naturally because you have done something that’s worth talking about.

For example you may create some original research and promote this via the usually digital channels but also look at sending press releases and content to blogs/magazines/newspapers who would be interested in it.

Re-purpose your research so it’s of use to someone else and give it to them… this can generate worthy links.

Be holistic. Look at how you promote your business and build in an outreach component to all your campaigns.

31) Aakash Patel | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Pinterest

Aakash Patel

Aakash Patel

When it comes to building links, I mainly focus on these two techniques which are doing wonders for me.

#1: Relationship Link Building

You might be familiar with the guest posting and getting a link back to your blog. Right?

But guest posting would not be that easy in 2020 and beyond.

Because most bloggers know that you are just doing a guest post because of a backlink.

Hence, it’s tough to get the approval.

Alternative approach?

Relationship Link building.

It’s one of the best ways to build natural links to your blog.

You should start building meaningful relations with your industry bloggers, talk about them, link them within your articles, get their opinions and views on the topics.

In this way, you will end up having a good list of people who know and understand your vision and appreciate the value of your work.

Once you have a good relationship then you can approach for high-quality content contribution.

In one statement, start giving value and appreciate other’s work, your blog will get mentions on automation.

#2: Backlink Gap Analysis:

Your competitors are your best friends to increase your visibility on the search engine.

The backlink gap analysis method gives you a list of high-quality links that you can replicate by putting minimum efforts.

First, find the top five blogs within your industry for reverse engineering.

Go to SEMRush and put them in the Backlinks Gap tool.

This guide covers how to build links using SEMRush tool.

Once, you get the data you have to find which links you are missing when your competitor has.

Check how they get the links, whether it’s by commenting, guest posting or resource link.

And then just replicate the method.

32) Mudassir – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin



With the continuous search engine’s algorithm updates, it is positive that the building quality links will not be easy compared to what it was like five years back.

Along with the time and competition, Google started preferring quality over quantity to put accurate results.

When a newly started brand or a blogger decides to focus on link building strategy, probably the first thing that comes into their mind is guest posting which is a good start.

But most do it in a complicated way by directly approaching bloggers related to their industry to ask for a backlink. While you can do that but don’t expect an effective outcome.

Either you get the rejection or a useless backlink from some spammy PBN blog because no authority blog gives you a quality do-follow link just because you have asked for it without any homework.

Even if you get a link from such sites at FREE of cost or paid, the links are most likely to be removed by the site owner after a few months or years. See, the waste of time, energy and money!

If you want to build high-quality backlinks, consider investing your time and generosity in getting connected with the blogger first.

Hello them, do interact, share their blog posts on your feed, drop valuable comments, and find out little ways to make them grow.

That’s how you will become familiar with that blogger and blogger’s community – Thus opening more ways to accepting your guest post opportunities.

Connections within your niche always help you grow. Plus, you are more likely to receive a backlink from the bloggers you already know. Help and get help…!!!


The secret is to create quality content so that others would find it informative and love to link to you naturally and distribute that content thoroughly.

Do not fall in the trap of paid backlinks from link farms, auto SEO, etc. nonsense. Be patient and focus on long-run benefits.

Also, maintain link relevancy, internal linking and focus on No-follow links that come from blog commenting, they are the perfect source to get relevant traffic to your site and thus more chances to increase conversions.

Learning from what already works does work. So use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to analyze your competitors, remove toxic links, and build your backlink profile step-by-step.

The slow and steady process always wins over surges.

33) Abdullah Prem – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Abdullah Prem

Abdullah Prem

Parasite Link Building

I’m going to tell you about one of the favorite link building methods that I’m using to rank and medium to low competitive keywords.

Are you nervous to know it?

Using this simple method you can get DA 90+ backlinks from high-quality websites with huge traffic which will boost your site ranking within weeks.

It’s called parasite link building where you can get the link from high-quality blogs.

To do it create an account on Medium, Linkedin, Hubpages, etc.

Then write a 300 – 500 words related article relevant to your blog article and use exact or partial match keyword as anchor text and publish it.

For example: If you have a blog article about the top email marketing tools then you can write about “How to sell your product through email marketing” and you can link back to your article which talks about email marketing tools.

To make this backlink more powerful I would suggest you do tier 2 links on parasite article (Medium, Linkedin).

34) Gene Armstrong  – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Gene Armstrong

Gene Armstrong

The most effective way to build links for me is through creating resource pages and weekly roundups.

When I put together a list of my favorite articles in my roundup or a page with helpful resources, I reach out to bloggers whose links I include.

Most of them are happy to reciprocate and link back.

35) Andrew Holland – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Andrew Holland

Andrew Holland

I get a lot of link requests and to be honest even the ones from the big names don’t interest me.

The reason for this is they are asking me to log into my site and add their site to my page when it only adds a tiny amount of value in the grand scheme of things.

But, here is what I would happily link to.

Content that proves my point.

So, a quote from an expert, a link to a page that backs up what I am saying or perhaps a diagram/chart.

For me, this is Link building gold.

So, if you are going to do outreach, make sure the content doesn’t just expand on a topic but actually proves/ supports and adds value to the site you are reaching out to.

36) Gurpreet Singh – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Our primary mode of creating strong links is through guest posts.

The key is to focus your relationship-building efforts towards a target brand that complements your product.

If you are passionate about your product then you are better able to voice your brand.

The more original your expression the more likely it becomes that you will be heard.

Do hard research before you voice opinions.

And limit yourself to your brand.

Understating matters helps you in minimizing risky digital footprints.

As in all relationships, keeping your message concise and positive pays maximum dividends.

Win trust by being sincere and follow up with a regular content schedule.

37) Himanshu Gupta – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta

Link-building is all about quality and relevancy. Whilst both are important I’d recommend marketers to focus on the later more.

Here’s some tips that have worked well for me –

1. Personalisation – It’s only obvious that you cannot make great links without outreach.

Hence when outreaching make sure to personalize. It’s gets you results.

2. Quality over quantity – I know it’s very easy to fall for quick links and hoping that it will take you to the top of the page, but don’t.

Always focus on the quality of the links you’re creating.

Even though it will take time, it will help you stay longer

3. Content is still the king – If you write great content it can make everything so easier.

Reports, studies, in-depth guides will get you more links.

38) Ali Raza – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

ali raza

Ali Raza

The Best Links You can get is by Networking and Personal Connections.

When you connect with people, they tend to visit you and link you.

39) Chayan Chakrabarti Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Chayan Chakrabarti

Chayan Chakrabarti

Link building has been dead for many decades, for people who failed to adapt to the ever-changing principles and improved requirements on abilities, resources, details, and endurance.

There’s been much speaking about hyperlinks being a ranking element.

Many SEOs have just focused on articles and On-Page SEO and failed links stating: “We know everything about link building”.

But do they understand everything about backlinks?

Google confirmed that Links are Significant Google said links would be the #1 position variable, alongside with fantastic content.

Position without hyperlinks is challenging, and why would anybody attempt to rank with no hyperlinks in the first location?
Google cares about hyperlinks over anything else, so should you.

Before April 2012, an individual could rather easily purchase his position by adding an increasing number of links.

Just a tiny bit of them and also a small bit of these hyperlinks, and you might handle standing on the first search engine results page.

The Google Penguin Spam Filter has become a part of Google’s Core Algorithm and operates in real-time. Links can have a danger now, and also you need to be aware of that danger.

Were you aware that in the current world of SEO, many people still only examine the origin page, the page, and call that “the backlink”?

A connection is a link from A to BA hyperlink is a link from the referring page to the goal page – always was.

For a long time, SEOs have penalized by taking a look at the Pagerank or anything reason for the linking webpage.

To our understanding, LRT is the only application that takes the hyperlink origin page and the target webpage to consideration when assessing the value and threat of hyperlinks, as well as possible links.

Let’s find out the top 5 best practices that I do for link building:

Linkbuilding strategy #1: Select An Evergreen Keyword or Topic

If you would like to construct quality backlinks to your site, you require something amazing on your website that will hook visitors to relate to.

First, seek out an evergreen keyword or subject in Google.

An evergreen topic is a subject that will be brand new forever.

If you operate a fitness site,” weight loss” is an evergreen topic.

Additionally based on Google Trends, the keyword”weight loss” is nicely searched on Google……This demonstrates that the subject has quite a great need.

When you pick an evergreen topic and also triumph to rank which content from Google, your site will get visitors for a lengthy time period.

Blogging in 2020 is changing and you have to create a scalable content marketing strategy to stay ahead.

Linkbuilding strategy #2: Create a parallel Content

Creating parallel Content is very essential for success.

You have to value and appreciate your content to get along with other bloggers. In order to do that you have to create a series of parral contents.

Sounds Impossible?

Here are the tricks that I follow to generate quality links for my blog.

Write on article submission platforms. Type “Free Article Submission Sites” on google and you will be getting enough websites to produce parallel contents.

Write on quora. You must be thinking that quora provide you no-follow backlinks. And it’s of no use.

I have seen many bloggers making this mistake.

As per the search engine algorithms and rankings, no-follow links are also equally important.

Otherwise, many pro bloggers would not be written regularly on Quora.

Linkbuilding strategy #3: Outreach

Outreach with other bloggers can help you grow.

Always focus on building a relationship with a co-blogger.

This will not help you immediately but eventually.

Interact with other bloggers.

Try to exchange your ideas.

This will help you to develop your mindset.

Linkbuilding strategy #4 Give a testimonial

Many companies give you the opportunity to say a few words about your experience with their goods.

On the 1 hand, this is the ideal way to allow them to build client confidence.

On the flip side, it is a fantastic chance for you to receive a backlink and possible visitors from that website and it generally has a far higher approval rate than your typical hyperlink petition e-mails.

Firms get a different testimonial to put on their website, as you get a brand new backlink.

If you are a LinkResearchTools or Link Detox consumer and enjoy our resources, you can begin your initial testimonial here.

We’ll happily link back to you personally.

Linkbuilding strategy #5 Start a blog

Do not start a blog in 2020 with a single article and a single backlink to your website.

If you do, you not only wasted your time but likely also merely created another insecure link on your own.

If you would like your own blog, you have to keep it living.

Concentrate on your business and on your customer’s requirements! With time, it’ll likely gain ability.

Ensure your content is relevant, helpful and well-structured. Here is the only means to make certain that the world is going to want to connect to it over and over.

That is the way you get good backlinks; you get them!

Can a website rank without backlinks?

We’re 100% convinced that a website can’t position without inbound links.

Why is link building significant?

Because hyperlinks are Google’s #1 position variable

because hyperlinks are the Internet

because hyperlinks point to good content (that deserves to rank well)

because hyperlinks pass electricity

because hyperlinks pass hope

since Google confirmed that it would be unnatural to Locate an Internet site without backlinks

since it is through hyperlinks that Google finds your website…

The listing can go on indefinitely…

Please be aware (both hyperlink power and connection trust are occasionally described as connection equity, in the era where just one-dimensional hyperlink dimension was available)

But do not take it out of us when we state that links are very important, take it straight from Google.

Are all backlinks the same?

The hyperlinks you purchase without checking if they’re risky to the backlink profile or not.

You’d a better target for fewer links that are high, then for tens of thousands of links that provide no value to your backlink profile.

Weak or insecure backlinks will not help your rankings in any way.

It may go worst.

These hyperlinks can provide you with a Google penalty and an acute (or even 100%) reduction of traffic. Links aren’t at the same.

The purpose is to know: The number of connecting pages, subdomains, domain names, and origin domain names? The number of links a month? .)?

What connection between Electricity and Trust?

Additionally, these factors could be assessed differently in various instances.

A connection may also be bad or good depending on the business, the nation, the terminology, as well as the keywords.

Regrettably, there’s absolutely no rule.

By way of instance, it isn’t the same if a domain hyperlinks to 1,000 subpages, or if 1,000 domain link to a subpage.

Monitor your backlink profile disavow the spammy backlinks

If you want to stay competitive, you need to protect your website for the future.

Put SEO on your long-term agenda and monitor your backlink profile regularly.

We know this does not sound like a walk in the park, but luckily there are automatic tools like Link Alerts that can help you stay on track.

Using this tool, you will be notified when new backlinks appear.

This allows you to react quickly in case of unwanted new backlinks, and thus avoid common SEO techniques like negative SEO attacks.

40) Evgeniy Garkaviy – Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Evgeniy Garkaviy

Evgeniy Garkaviy

My favorite link building technique is contributing to blogs in the niche, I am building links for.

Most bloggers will say yes, if you contact them with a proposal to contribute quality content to their blog.

If you choose the right blog, the blogger gets quality content from you, you get quality link from them; it’s a win win situation.

41) Iñigo Etxebeste – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Inigo Etxebeste

Inigo Etxebeste

“Over the years we found that there are several link acquisition techniques that work from an SEO perspective, but we found ourselves in need of constantly innovating when it comes to our efforts to meet Google’s criteria and requirements and remain on top of the game.

We found that sharing expert knowledge contents that are useful to other in the form of guest contents in third party sites is a great way to help others link to our content.

A secondary way would be sharing high quality, useful images describing a process or marketing technique, so other how-to blogs and third party sites link to our images, providing us with a useful backlink to our image hosted in our site.”

42) Joel Widmer Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Joel Widmer

Joel Widmer

Outreach for link building definitely takes time. So why not let your competitors do some of the legwork for you?

Ahrefs Link Intersect lets you identify backlinks shared by multiple competitors in a few clicks.

When there’s a site happy to link to all your competitors, there’s a good chance the admins there will link to you.

In the Ahrefs Link Intersect tool:

Add three competitor URLs in the available fields

Select ‘Show link opportunities’

Contact the sites listed with your pitch

[Screenshot showing an example of this]

Finding backlinks with Ahrefs Link Intersect

Finding backlinks with Ahrefs Link Intersect

43) Jignesh Padhiyar – Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Jignesh Padhiyar

Jignesh Padhiyar

To win the trust of your readers, play straight with them.

Create a simple and straight communication, so that people can understand the content.

When an authority platform notices your efforts, it will certainly give you credit.

For example, BGR quoted our blog.

And I guess, it is way more powerful than creating hundreds of old-school backlinks.

Using images as a backlink generator? Yes, we design our own images instead of taking them from other sources.

If images are eye-catching and relevant, your blog is most likely to be credit by other giants.

For instance, we wrote a post about eSIM in iPhone XS and created the image for the same.

Another reputed site, 9to5Mac used the same with a backlink to us.

44) Dr Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Learning-Zone

Karl and Ben

Karl and Ben

It’s accepted knowledge that a great way to get links is to publish something that’s valuable.

People seldom mention, though, how it feels when you do that.

Our biggest successes—like the A/B testing 101 article that spawned our company, and our book Making Websites Win—have had one thing in common: before we published, we nearly lost our nerve.

We worried that we were giving away too much.

Now, if we feel hesitant to publish an article because it’s overgenerous, that’s a sign we’re doing the right thing.

45) Kent Lewis – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

Since my first foray into PR in 1994, I’ve continued utilizing and honing my PR abilities since then, resulting in press coverage and mentions in publications including Business News Daily, Enterpreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., New York Times, Reader’s Digest.

In fact, last year, I generated ~90 mentions, and ~80 the year previously, primarily via HARO pitches.

This year, we’ve already crested 100 press mentions, thanks in part to a recent article by Associated Press that was syndicated globally nearly 20 times.

Businesses find ways to deal with late-paying customers


The net result has been a high domain authority for our agency that is much larger than our dozen employees.

Another effective link development strategy is writing syndicated articles for third party industry publications.

Over the years, I’ve written for publications including iMedia, Portland Business Journal, Online Marketing Institute and SmartBrief.

You can see our coverage here, which includes local media (TV interviews), industry publications (iMedia) and business (Forbes, Inc., etc.):


Other example coverage:

Do’s and Don’ts When Exiting a Company


3 Trending Marketing Tactics in 2018


How Synergizing Earned, Owned, And Paid Media Can 10X Marketing ROI


46) Krystian Szastok – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Krystian Szastok

Krystian Szastok

This has helped me to have more angles to pursue links, as I gave A TON of value by providing a useful tool for everyone, free of charge.

I predict that contextual linking and gaining links from authoritative sources will be key to maintaining and improving rankings in 2020.

Whatever your plan is for a link magnet, or a link building campaign, carefully consider if it’s big enough to really attract attention and provide value.

47) Marcus Miller – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller

As Google gets ever more stringent regarding what kind of links will carry authority the world of link building gets ever closer to the world of traditional PR.

Often, the best link building will be through digital PR activities where you will gain exposure with a relevant audience on highly credible and relevant sites.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to sign up to the daily alerts from HARO where you will receive PR requests into your inbox every day – you then just have to provide some high-value commentary and the links (and rankings) will follow.

48) Marko Saric – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Marko Saric

Marko Saric

Create the best content possible.

Content that helps people, informs them, answers their questions, solves their issues. Make sure it’s even better than stuff you can find in search engines and stuff people share in social media.

Then tell influential people such as website owners, bloggers,writers and social media influencers about it.

Then it’s up to them.

49) Matt Janaway – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Matt Janaway

Matt Janaway

“Sometimes the most natural links are the best and easiest links you can build.

When you feel yourself falling in the deep end with link building metrics, take a step back, trust your gut and pursue building links that sit naturally with your industry or online niche.”

50) Mudit Jain – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Mudit Jain

Mudit Jain

If I say what is the 1 thing that help us to reach where we are right now is the Social Media.

Right from the beginning of TalkersCode and till now we share our content heavily on social media and the results is in front of you.

We got tons of high quality backlinks and thousands of visitors per day thanks to our unique and problem solving content.

In the beginning of TalkersCode we just focused on creating valuable content for our readers and after few months we realize that no one is reading our content and then we started sharing on social media.

And the result was fantastic we not only got thousands of visitors from social media but also from organic searches why because due to the sharing on social media on relevant places many people found our content useful and gave us backlinks.

So for us social media is one of the most powerful way to get backlinks in a white hat way.

51) Nahid HasanFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Nahid Hasan

Nahid Hasan

High quality links can be built by maintaining good relationships with other bloggers and business owners. And it is facilitated when you add value to their business or life.

For long term sustainable growth, we always need to add value, this is the only and one way to get the growth in long run.

Same formula is true in link building. If you want to get high quality links, you should think about the relationship. And relationship will work when you are doing something win-win.

You are adding value to their life. It can be your content quality, service quality, communication skills or anything.

It depends on industry to industry, but all the plan should start with the question, if I can add value to his business/life.

52) Nathaniell – Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin



Personally, I don’t spend any time building links.

When you count the time, effort, and money involved in a link building campaign, I’d rather just put those same resources towards creating more content.

My time horizon is long enough that I feel confident that links will happen naturally.

My strategy to build links is simply to create link-worthy content.

By creating content worth linking to, I can gain authority that won’t be swept under the rug during the next Google update.

Regardless of keyword tool stats, link-worthy content is going to be things like top 10 lists, in-depth tutorials, buyers guides, product reviews, comparisons, and original research.

53) Naveen Kumar – Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

If your main objective is building backlinks for your website, you are not playing a long term game.

Trust me, you have a very short vision.

So I will suggest you to set long term goals and drive your focus on earning backlinks.

The biggest question is, how you can earn backlinks?

Create Powerful Content

Why people will link your website with their website?

They will link only when your content will add some value to their content and is useful for their audience.

So you need to create powerful and in depth content so people love to link your articles as a reference within their content.

I stumble upon an article by Neil Patel. He linked SERoundtable.com within his article because the article was relevant to the content and was adding value to his audience. So he never mind to add the link.

So you also need to focus on writing a masterpiece and then ask the fellow industry experts to link your content with their blog post.

They will never mind to give you a link back if your content is really adding any value to their content.

Create a unique and useful product

Yes, it’s true. If you have a unique and useful product, the industry expert will never mind to share that with their audience.

Try to solve problems with your products and you will get lots of mentions from big sites without any effort
In below shared image, you will see that Neil Patel referred subscriber(dot)com for push notification.


He mentioned them, because they are offering a solution and also his audience will be benefited from the push notifications.

Apart from these, I here are a few more ways you can use to earn or build backlinks naturally.

  • Spy on your competitors -Use tools like Ahref or Semrush to know about your competitors and try to build links where they are building.
  • Guest Blogging – Write on popular blogs and earn links from there.
  • Broken Link Building – Find our broken links on relevant websites and create similar content and then ask the webmasters to link your article on the place of broken link.
  • Find out unlinked mentions: Use services like Google Alert, Mentions etc to get alerts about the mentions. And approach them to link your website with mention if it is not linked.

54) Nick LeRoy Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy

My best link building tip is also the most cliché. Create content that answers questions and solves problems.

This is the type of content that’s easier to outreach against and acquire links naturally. Alternatively, you can do an inverse process.

Find websites that are linking out to a group/list of resources and create an asset that’s similar.

If, within these lists you see broken links, it can be a great opportunity to use some sort of broken link building outreach campaign too.

55) Nora Dunn – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Nora Dunn

Nora Dunn

I get dozens of canned emails and related follow-ups daily from “freelance writers” who are really SEO consultants in disguise offering magnanimously to publish guest posts on my site, even though my contact page clearly states that I don’t accept guest posts and automatically delete all such requests.

This is the strategy du jour to build links (which is a necessary component of SEO), but I have to wonder how well it ultimately works.

Over the years, my own link building strategy has very much been an organic process. I’ve gotten valuable backlinks through interviews about my website and lifestyle, roundup posts, podcast interviews, and other such features.

But my freelance writing career (which is complementary to the theme of my website) has been the absolute best way to build valuable high-quality backlinks to my site, as well as to establish my expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T, defined by Google as important for SEO).

56) Patrick Coombe – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe

I really don’t have any magic tricks up my sleeve, I’ve been using more or less the same tactics for a long time now.

Obviously partnering with influencers and bloggers is great.

Expert roundups such as this have made a huge impact, in 2019 alone I probably did over 30 expert roundup posts. My favorite tactic currently is manual outreach.

I’m not a big fan of using tools for outreach, even though a lot of people have success with it, in the SEO space it is really hard because we are all doing the same things.

I will build a relationship with someone first and then work on a mutually beneficial linkbuilding tactic we can both benefit from.

Your post/page HAS to be super high quality, not some regurgitated crap. I will not link to a low quality article, so why should they? In short, have something prepared you can give in exchange.

For example a link from another blog, a mention in an email blast, inclusion in a social post.

Cold emailing people asking for a link will work, but its just not something I really have time for at this moment.

57) Quentin Aisbett – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Quentin Aisbett

Quentin Aisbett

Guest posts have served us well over the years but the easier the opportunity the less value it appears to represent.

I personally believe we should be looking for opportunities to be interviewed on podcasts.

Podcasting is still very much in a growth stage and there’s more of a barrier to entry, therefore our expertise and authority can be better assessed if we’re participating in a podcast interview.

So look for interview spots and secure that show note link. Plus, with Google ramping up their indexation of audio, the benefits will be there for all to see.

58) BabaNature – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin



One of the top link building strategy that most bloggers don’t take seriously is guest posting on high ranking domain.

That’s a hit and also, infograph is also a nice step to take for a great link building.

59) Ravi VermaFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma

I believe Google is a battlefield where everyone wants to build their dreamy castle. SEO is like a war now. Everyone wants to win this war.

We as a search engine marketers are warriors.

We all have the same dreams to win this war by defeating our competitors strategically. Similarly, in link building, you need a strong weapon.

What is a strong weapon in link building? A linkable asset.

For example, I am working for a couple of removalists company based in Australia. It is a highly competitive niche and luckily unexplored for most of the marketers.

Average CPC between $25 – $30 depends on your quality score and other factors in PPC.

Whereas, achieving ranking is not easy when your top competitors have done remarkably well in terms of PR.

They spent a lot of money to attract potential customers with strong backlinks from million of visitors website. We don’t have a budget for PR but client is paying us to achieve a higher ranking on the first page of Google.

What will you do? You will give up?! Nope, I started researching to figure out what is missing in this industry.

I came across a lot of questions people usually search on Google before hiring any removalists like an approximate cost to move a house, on what factors should we hire removalists company, etc. including some technical questions.

This gave me and my client an opportunity to answer all our users’ questions by creating moving estimator or moving calculator which work as a linkable asset for us.

It allows our visitors to calculate an estimated cost based on their belongings and specific requirements. It was the first and unique free moving price estimator providing enough values to work as linkable assets.

It helps me in boosting my targeted keywords ranking easily in a very short time.

It also helps me driving referral traffic from a good authority site linking back to our free moving price estimator.

Our overall link building technique manages to win the battlefield without spending an extra dime on expensive PR.

I know it sounds difficult but trusts me every industry has a loophole to crack.

You just need to fill that gap with your linkable assets.

It is smart as well as a long-term SEO strategy.

Therefore, you need to create a strong and sensible linkable asset helping your users providing values or answering their questions seeking on the search engine at once place.

The best example could be Neil Patel Ubersuggest in our industry.

60) Robert Ryan | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Pinterest

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan

“Magnetic Content! If you want backlinks make sure you write content that is one part informative and one part entertaining – good content gets good backlinks! If you want to rise to the top in rankings you should focus on writing content that people enjoy reading and that they find useful or helpful.

This way the chances of them linking back to it or sharing it increases.

Always add a call to action at bottom of posts asking users to share the post if they found it useful, each share increases the chances of additional shares which increases the chances of backlinks.

Ultimately you never know who may link back to your content and so by ticking all of the boxes you increase the probabilities of getting the outcome, and backlinks, you want. ”

61) Robin Khokhar Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

The One link Building which works for me is:

“I do guest posting for link building. And I do not reach the blog owners for getting a Dofollow link.

I just going with the guest posting, whether I get the dofollow link or nofollow link, It does not matter.

Because it makes the link building natural for me.”

62) Ryan Scollon – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ryan Scollon

Ryan Scollon

My top tip for building links is brand mentions.

This is something I worked on recently and managed to gain 3-5 links from one hour’s worth of work from mentions that already existed about me or my business.

Sometimes they leave the link out on accident and sometimes it might happen on purpose, but people will use your content or other assets and credit you by mentioning your name but they don’t include a link back to your site.

There are several different ways and tools to use to tackle this, but I prefer to good ol’ manual approach.

The first thing you need to do is find where you are mentioned.

There are a few different search commands that you can use, but a simple search for your brand name in quote marks with work fine.

Example= “Bobs plumbing services”

You then need to manually work through each listing to check if they have linked back to your website.

Depending on how old your business is, this could take some time.

Once you have your list of sites that have mentioned you but not linked to you, you need to find their contact details and reach out to them and request the link.

63) Sathish Arumugam – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Sathish Arumugam

Sathish Arumugam

Links are still and always be the determining factor of any web page’s quality.

Hence, it is critical to get the best out of the link building campaigns.

Content-based link building

I strongly believe in content-based link building.

Those days are gone, building backlinks. As far as the link quality, positioning, and relevancy matters, it’s great to attract links than building intentionally.

I could see articles by pro bloggers like Brian Dean, Nathan Gotch, Robbie Richards, Jeff Bullas, etc. attracts hundreds of backlinks each.

Hardly, they outreach and build links. It’s all about the value they offer. It deserves to be linked to its own.

And, that wins.

So, build backlinks still prefer to create valuable content that speaks for itself and draw natural links.

Broken link building

Other than the content-based link building, I’d love to practice broken link building technique.

Adding value to someone’s website, you are getting a quality link.

Again, the content value and outreach pitch matters to make it successful. It may be hard-hitting, still, it worth your efforts.

Beyond all these, make sure to avoid building low-quality or spammy backlinks for the sake of increasing the number of links.

Later, you will have to build more quality backlinks to neutralize those or disavow (that’s overwhelming).

64) Seb Brantigan – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Seb Brantigan

Seb Brantigan

Make sure to do some research before approaching sites to ask if you can write guest posts.

What content are they already providing to their audience, and which content is getting the best engagement?

When approaching sites to write guest posts be sure to position the benefits of your content and how it will help their reader.

Most guest post bloggers will go in mentioning their achievements which aren’t relevant at all.

65) SMN Zaman– Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

SMN Zaman

SMN Zaman

I’m a big fan of building links naturally rather than manually, so I always look for ways that can point links to my blog from similar niches.

When I applied the formula of taking interviews from some bloggers, I started seeing that many of them, as well as their fans, started mentioning my blog on their blogs.

Taking interviews has many benefits, but getting links naturally is the greatest benefit I think.

66) Stacy Caprio– Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio

The great thing about the podcast link building technique is that it also doubles as an audience-building technique since you’re gaining access to the podcaster’s audience in addition to gaining a high-vaoue link to your site.

Most people who have podcasts are continually looking for new guests to feature, so reaching out tends to be easy as long as you are familiar with their podcast and when pitching your appearance are able to present your story in a high-value way that would resonate with their audience.

Make sure you pick podcasts in your niche so the links have high relevancy for maximum SEO impact.

Podcast link building is a great white hat technique and it also doubles as a way to get more exposure for your brand.

67) Sudhir Shukla – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Sudhir Shukla

Sudhir Shukla

Google is continuously launching updates one after other just to filter low quality content.

That’s why I always suggest writing killer content that must cover almost each and every necessary information then that will automatically get links from different kinds of sources.

Even you can check the quality of most shared contents and it’s backlinks.

Then you can easily understand why I am loudly saying to follow this strategy

Guest blogging is another method that is evergreen.

This is one of the best methods to get quality links from similar blogs.

I regularly follow this for each of my SEO projects.

68) Temi Odurinde Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Temi Odurinde

Temi Odurinde

Find a small segment in your niche, where useful authoritative information I scarse.

Write or curate an authoritative article for that niche and put it online. Reach out to webmasters, website owners and other people who use resources in that niche.

You just sit back and watch links to site/page grow.

To get even more links, you should turn that resource into a free ebook, with links to your desired URLs embedded.

Make the condition for using the book free of charge, a link to your desired url and you will get even more links.

69) Vashishtha Kapoor Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Vashishtha Kapoor

Vashishtha Kapoor

“Out of several link building techniques, the skyscraper technique is one of the most popular way to build quality backlinks.

These link help you rank your website in no time.

However, my favorite technique to build quality dofollow backlinks is partnerships and collaborations.

When you do some meaningful and programmatic partnerships, you can get authentic backlinks without any special effort.

Meanwhile, I recommend anyone to always be open to link to someone’s content if it is helpful.

Guest blogging, content contribution and some offline partnerships can result in a few authentic links to your website.”

70) Chris MakaraFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Chris Makara

Chris Makara

I find that one of the most successful link building techniques is to reach out to websites that have already linked to similar or competing content.

When reaching out, I don’t ever ask for other links to be removed, just to add mine as an additional resource.

I find this approach works much better than saying my content is “one-upping” someone else’s.

I’ll leave it to the website I am reaching out to to decide if it’s worth removing the other one.

71) Istvan Monori  – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Istvan Monori

Istvan Monori


When Google invented the Page Ranking algorithms and it became more and more popular website owners immediately tried to follow them and appear on the first result page on SERP.

Every entrepreneur customer wants results as soon as possible. When a new domain name is launched on internet they expect that that page will earn thousands of dollars in the first year and they become stressful when it turns out unfortunately it was only a vain daydream.

They are not familiar with the fact that today there are millions of websites on the internet and appearing on the first page is today a really hard job.

Link building

Link building can help us increase Authority but the Authority is not everything, the website needs keywords and well defined headings on a webpage to tell the Search Engine that page contains useful information about the given keyword topic.

I do not like one page Websites one page can not be optimized for thousands of keywords.

Usually one every page has a specific topic and content, users can navigate there because they want information about that topic.

How can I service this on one single page?

Link building also depends on these specific keywords and these specific web pages.

During the SEO optimization our goal is the get as much specific keywords in SERP results to the given site as we can.

We can have short and can have long trail keywords, long trail keywords are easy targets but probably there will only a few appear in SERP in a month but more or less the CTR% will become quite high, short keywords can get many more appreas and clicks but it is really hard to get to the first page because of the other competitors.

Goal is to appear as much keywords, these small numbers are summed up and finally we can achieve a quite good SERP view and click results in long term.

Ok, here is the question, how can we achieve that a quite new website placed on the first page for certain exact short or long trail keywords? The answer is the link building.

Link building is still the most important factor in SEO, of course there are many aspects in SEO optimizations but you will not get results without quite good Domain and Page Authority.

Buy links? Is it worth it?

Unfortunately a web page without valuable Backlinks profile cannot be succeeded today even if you have the best content ever without Authority it will be one from the many others.

How can I get it as fast as I can? I do not have hundreds of specific websites to get linked immediately. During the link building we can use several Engines to get links for free or for some money.

When you get links for free will be a very long time and probably you need a few hundred link to get results.

You can ask you friends or you can be a guest poster on other websites or you can create marketing articles for an online newspaper or even you can buy expired domains.

Unfortunately, it is time consuming.

What if we need to provide results in short term?

Buying links is an efficient way, but this should be done very carefully.

Link building can be harmful.

A link from a malicious website can ruin all of our previous job so I would avoid using link generator robots.

They place links everywhere, even though there are thousands of existing outgoing links there.

We can ignore these with Webmasters Administration tool but it is better not to ask backlinks from such sites..

I suggest for everyone to check backlink toxicity regular basis if you got links such pages.

During our link building strategy we usually select backlink sites very carefully checking it’s content it’s rank and availability in Google index.

A new website in real life does not get links from High Ranked sites, therefore at first we need to select link from smaller sites and later we can get stronger links.

Stronger links are better to increase the target Authority, additionally we also need to check the existing outgoing links of target pages, when this number is high the link will share reduced Authority to our site, this fact comes from the original Equation of Google philosophy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank)

When every piece of content restrictions are fine we can ask a site administrator to place a specific piece of content on the target page. Usually we do not just enter a link but we add some background for that link what will also help to determinize for the Engine the meaning of the link.
Link text is the most important factor of a link that will be the keyword for you website, it shows that page it relevant for that specific keyword.

You have to choose link text carefully avoid money or branded keywords usually an average Website owner provides any variety of anchor texts to we should do that also.

Search Engine is quite smart and figure that out based on the given context.

The result will be even better, a specific page can appear more than one variety of keywords in results, so we added one link but we appeared more than one this is how we can have thousands of keywords and finally hundreds of SERP clicks on each day.

After a while a website may appear in most frequented money keywords as well that time SERP search result hits will increase significantly.

Get links from Expired Domains

Another quite good approach to get backlinks from expired domains. Here you would need extra information about such domain names.

After checking several sites the https://www.expireddomains.net/ and https://domainhuntergatherer.com/ tools helped me a lot finding valuable expired domains.

After that we need an archive.org clawrer to rebuild and fine tune that site for your needs and finally it is ready to provide a backlink anywhere.

The best to place these sites onto different IP addresses.

However, I read an article from a Google Search Engine lead developer they can not determinate the origin of IP addresses when everyone uses Virtual Servers like AWS instances or VPN networks.

Long term link building strategy

Link building regularly takes at least 3 months it can be londer it depends on the competitors.

But after 3 month the page SERP keywords results will start increasing. A new web page does get not linked several times a day.

It is important, we have to start slow at first and after a while can be faster but usually we add 6-12 links per week depending on the quality of the backlinks.

Always check the backlink profile and take actions if it is toxic, always keep your profile natural.

Google considers only at least 3 months old links into Domain Authority, when all links are considered that would take at least 6 months.

During this period of Time you have to write your articles by your own and share it on social networks or you can post these on other websites using Guest Posting technics.


Create dedicated web pages for a specific keywords using well defined headings, build links for such pages using various similar keywords or plain urls.

Do now overload with backlinks your main page. Keep your backlink profile healthy and natural.

72) James McAllister – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

James McAllister

James McAllister

Take the time to develop an effective networking strategy, connecting with other marketers in your niche.

Look for opportunities to provide value to them – comment on their posts, share their Tweets, reach out to them through email.

Those you’ve connected with will reciprocate this value and link out to you naturally – without ever having to ask directly!

This ensures you’ll receive natural, relevant links over time, while also building meaningful connections as well.

73) Nisha Pandey – Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey

One of the best ways to build links is to build them through good relationships.

It is
recommended to actively participate in niche online communities.

Another beneficial strategy is to create a blog and link back to your webpages. It is important to create and publish posts regularly.

The focus of the posts should be to resolve your target audience’s problems.

No matter what anyone says, link building is crucial to SEO success.

74) Dilip Kumar – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar

The basic foundation for building a link should be “Value” more than anything else.

If you are able to provide value, then people linking to your content will become natural.

Imagine a post from Neil Patel.

Linking to one of his article is a no-brainer because of the value he offers in the article.

Once you know your article is worth linking to, then I prefer the two techniques below to get links –

Guest Posting – I know most of you will argue about Google’s penalty on links in guest posts.

What we need to understand is that Google isn’t insensitive and they are only penalizing unnatural links.

If you link to your article from within a guest post and that link is a natural link, then why would Google penalize you?

And so far as a do-follow or, no-follow link is concerned, I am not too choosy about that.

Because both are necessary in proportions for link authority.

And the fact is that Guest posting still works.

Expert Roundups – There are multiple blogs out there that do expert roundups and expert roundups are a good way to build authority for you and your brand and at the same time build backlinks.

Most of these blogs that do expert round ups are likely to give you a do-follow link if you blog had good content.

Finding such expert roundups to participate in is not difficult.

Site like https://MyBlogU.com are good places to find people doing such expert roundups.

Bonus Link building – Infographics : This is a strategy that has always worked for me.

Create an infographic with valuable information in it.

You can pick your blog posts that offer step-by-step methods or, even list posts can do well.

Then use a tool like Spark (FREE to use), Canva or, Stencil to create your infographics.

You can even get it created by a designer at FIVERR.

First publish the infographic on your blog.

Then reach out to other blogs and check if they are willing to publish these infographics on their site.

Provide them with a write-up in about 500-600 words and most sites will be happy to publish the infographic.

They will also link back to your site because the embed code that you provide for the infographic will have a link to your site.

75) Sazia Kazia – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Sazia Kazia

Sazia Kazia

The important part is a backlink strategy for successful marketing and they help to improve the traffic of your website, rank, and reputation.

Guest post is great if links created using brand keywords naturally on ranking sites without stuffing commercial keywords in anchor texts.

Reciprocal links are good but never reciprocal excessively and it must be on the topic.

Building best directories links with relevant to your niche with useful information is beneficial.

Participate in a discussion and answer the questions with valuable information on a blog or forum are the best backlinks technique.

Create quality and informative content and promote social media platforms that attract the backlinks naturally.

The best and easy method is, do research on competitors’ backlinks with the help of any tool and make comment backlinks after investigation.

Conclusion: The successful backlink strategy depends on the quality of your content and trusted sources provide links back also drive traffic to your site.

76) Emenike EmmanuelFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Emenike Emmanuel

Emenike Emmanuel

When it comes to growing a successful blogging business, one thing you must not ignore is developing an effective link building strategy.

With a working link building strategy in place, you will be sure of getting the right result when you outsource it to freelancers.

Personally, I’ve been able to test a bunch of different link building techniques on EntrepreneurBusinessBlog.com, including on my clients’ sites and I’ve come to realize that some are more effective than others.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the unique link building techniques that I’ve drafted and executed on my site and those of my clients;

1. Guest posting: From time to time, I reach out to bloggers in my niche and offer to write a detailed and comprehensive article on their site in exchange for a backlink.

The rule is to focus on blogs in your niche if you want to get the best result.

2. Write to blog editors to link to your site: Waiting for blog owners to discover your article and reach out to you naturally isn’t going to cut it.

You’ve got to reach out to them and tell them that you’ve got an amazing article that will complement their existing article.

Before doing this, make sure you have survey results or infographic or anything so relevant that will boost the credibility of their content.

If your article is less superior than theirs, it will be foolhardy to think that they will ever listen to you.

To increase your chances of getting more backlinks, ensure you have enough case studies and statistics on your blog.

3. Forcefully get backlinks from people that plagiarize your content: We have a bunch of lazy bloggers these days who are just focused on copying other blogger’s blog posts.

When you discover that someone plagiarized your article without reference, the best thing to do is to follow the procedure in this article to get them to make reference to your article.

It works.

4. Write quality content: Publish only quality articles and you will attract backlinks effortlessly and also rank well on the search engine.

“The rule is to focus on blogs in your niche if you want to get the best result from link building.”

77) Aquif Shaikh – Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Aquif Shaikh

Aquif Shaikh

Link building can be tricky.

Google frowns upon any links that are not earned organically.

That being said, most SEO’s and bloggers do flout the Google guidelines and build manual backlinks.

However, it does require some experience to trick Google into thinking these are naturally earned.

So, for the newbies, I’d recommend the below link building methods that can get you backlinks organically with no risks involved

1. Infographic Creation: This is one of the most ignored link building methods primarily because creating high-quality infographics with the best and well-researched content is by no way cheap.

But the right kind of infographics can earn you organic backlinks from the top websites.

2. Round-Up Posts: Round-up posts like this one can not only get your backlinks but also help you evolve as an expert in the niche which can be really helpful from the SEO perspective as Google does give a lot of prominence to E-A-T these days.

3. Blogger Outreach: That’s one of the oldest techniques of building backlinks.

However, instead of randomly approaching bloggers and asking for backlinks, you must follow tried and tested techniques like Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique.

78) Shane Barker– Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Shane Barker

Shane Barker

While the most obvious and popular link-building strategy is guest posting, it does take considerable time and effort.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to gain some quality backlinks, then answering expert questions and contributing to roundup posts is your best bet.

It not only establishes you as an industry expert but gets quick backlinks without taking as much effort as writing an entire post.

However, I would still recommend good old guest posting as a long-term and sustainable link-building strategy.

79) Tony John – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Tony John

Tony John

When it comes to building organic backlinks, we always prefer solutions based link building.

We look for problems mentioned on the web related to our niche and provide a detailed and comprehensive solution to the same with relevant references to our website.

When real solutions are provided with reference links, such content will be treated valuable by most webmasters and those links are going to stay.

Also, over a period of the past 2 decades, we have built a good network of high-quality websites with a lot o editorial content.

Our platforms help us build natural backlinks to our digital marketing clients.

80) Vishwajeet Kumar – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar

Link building is an essential part of SEO and it helps you to rank your site better in search engines.

My favorite way to generate quality backlink is by creating quality and helpful content.

When you do this, people love to share and link back your post as a reference to their posts. This is called natural backlinks.

Creating 1 quality and natural backlink is far better than creating 100s of junk and spam links.

Apart from this, I am doing Guest posting, Blog commenting, social media posting, Video promotion, and web 2.0 sites to create quality backlinks for my blog.

Networking with other bloggers and share and link back their content is also one of the best ways to get quality backlink reciprocally.

81) Russell Lobo – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin |

Russell Lobo

Russell Lobo

The best way to get links is to network in your industry.

Websites don’t link to websites, people link to other people’s website.

Create a persona, interact via it on social platforms including Facebook Groups, Twitter, Pinterest Group Boards, etc. Build real relationships and watch your links grow.

Make sure that you share the posts where people link back to you.

This will help the post rank faster and add value to your link in the post.

The additional traffic and social signals help give a small boost to the post.

Also, the website owner will appreciate the gesture.

82) Victoria Sully – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Victoria Sully

Victoria Sully

A link building tip is to keep an eye on Twitter for quote requests, expert comments and interview opportunities.

By searching hashtags such as #journorequest #prrequest and #bloggerswanted you will often see people crowdsourcing for quotes for articles, interviews and other opportunities which include a link back to your website from a publication.

83) Jacob Cass – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

Nothing beats top-tier, long-form quality content.

You must strive to be THE resource on any given subject so you rank well in Google.

One quality article is better than 5 sub-par articles.

If you’re coming up first, you’re more likely to be linked by others naturally without any outreach, saving you time and money.

84) Nick Leffler – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Nick Leffler

Nick Leffler

HARO is a great way to get the first links for a new website.

You’ll be able to provide valuable information to reporters and bloggers for articles they’re writing that are closely related to your expertise.

Not only will you get a valuable link to your website but you’ll also establish yourself as a visible expert in your field.

Answer requests for information from HARO and also write blog posts that offer answers to common questions in your industry.

That way you’ll build a basic link profile at the same time you’re building content that will help you expand your link profile to more content on your website.

With good content on your website, it will earn you more links and at the same time give you a lot of quality shareable content.

This will expand your expertise even more and grow your link profile which can quickly start getting your website to rank within less than 6 months.

85) Adeshokan Shamsudeen – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Adeshokan Shamsudeen

Adeshokan Shamsudeen

My top Link Building Techniques: Networking and Relationship Building.

Networking and relationship building with other bloggers in your niche is something you must be doing regularly and be better at if you want to earn links quickly and you don’t want to spend tons of money, resources, and efforts in begging, asking or buying links.

Left alone, making friends with other bloggers in your niche won’t automatically get you links.

But is very likely to increase the chances of exposing your quality content notice and cited by relevant bloggers in your niche.

Guest posting was and still a good content marketing tactic to build quality relevant backlinks.

But after the Hiroshima Bomb,” Matt Cutts drop on guest blogging some years ago, many blog owners became afraid of accepting a guest post from writers they don’t know and can’t vouch for their credibility.

This makes finding blogs that accept guest posts difficult. Unless you know a blog gate-keeper – your post may never get accepted.

This is where the circles of bloggers you belong to became an important strategy to backlink building.

Start making friends, network with other bloggers in your niche and establish meaningful relationships with people like-minded.

This is how you build links gradually without a big budget at your disposal.

86) Alok Rana – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Alok Rana

Alok Rana

By profession, I am a link builder and PR outreach.

But link building tasks also get categorized in the business just like any other.

I have worked with many great backlinks strategies such as; Guest posting, Bloggers Outreach, Skyscraper technique, Broken backlinks, Guestographics backlinks, Slideshare backlinks, Mentionable backlinks, Testimonial links, Blogger Reviews (for products & services only), Link Reclamation, Unlinked Mentions, Competitor’s backLinks, Contributor Outreach and many more are there in the industry including blackhat tricks such as PBNs, 301 redirects, etc.

I am not into blackhat though.

My personal most used and recommended backlinks strategies are; PR outreach, guest posting, broken backlinks, and skyscraper technique.

These are also some commonly used strategies any backlinker can create if they want.

Things that need to be considered while creating backlinks is the relevancy and quality of the blog.

Later on, other metrics considered.

“Getting one quality backlink can do far better than having 100’s of low-quality backlinks.”

TIP: Years ago I found one very clever and easy way to get a high-quality backlink for my website and if you are lucky enough you can land your content with a link on quality websites like Forbes, Enterprenuer, Inc and many more.

(Spoiler: It’s not that easy though)

The strategy is HARO (Help a Reporter) https://www.helpareporter.com/

And using this strategy I once got my link landed on site: https://www.fundera.com/blog/passive-income-ideas DA66

This platform is really interesting you just need to invest plenty of time and plenty of instant free content based on requested topics.

Try to dig in a bit more into this and you could get a high-quality link back to your money website.

87) Prof. Ron Stefanski – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Prof. Ron Stefanski

Prof. Ron Stefanski

People often fail to see that one of the best link building methods is within your own email list.

Find people that have their own websites there by filtering email addresses and contact them.

The beauty of this tactic is that they’ve already been to your website, so they know who you are.

While you will run across some competitors spying on your website, a lot of the people you reach out to already like and trust your content, so they’re willing to add you pretty easily.

88) Hans Van Gent – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Hans Van Gent

Hans Van Gent

One of the techniques that we really love with User Growth is the good old finding guest post opportunities.

For a lot of people finding guest post opportunities might seem like an impossible task, but using simple search queries in Google like:

“your keyword(s) + inurl:write-for-us”
“your keyword(s) + guest-posts”
“your keyword(s) + inurl:guest-post-guidelines”
“your keyword(s) + become a contributor”

You can easily find lots of guest posting opportunities for any niche.

You can also search Twitter for “guest post”, “guest article” or “guest author”, to brooding your searches even more.

The extra benefits next to the backlinks that you’re getting with guest posting are also the added authority in your niche to a potential audience that doesn’t know you yet.

89) Laura Cabrera – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Laura Cabrera

Laura Cabrera

We like to use Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to help us with our link building.

Instead of bugging reporters and pitching them irrelevant information, HARO sends out daily emails from reporters asking for specific information.

You can then respond to the questions that pertain to your industry.

One of the best things about HARO is that you have to meet a minimum domain authority to be able to ask questions as a reporter.

So you know that if your answer is selected it will most likely be from a good, high domain authority site.

It’s a great tool and best of all, it’s free!

90) Tanya Sachdev – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Tanya Sachdev

Tanya Sachdev

I get invites from so many good websites for interviews and coverage.

That ways I get a good write up and a link back to my website.

Right now, for example, GuestCrew is collaborating with me and giving me a do follow link.

Good work is the best way to build credible links in the long run.

91) Umang Trivedi – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi

“You can only build links by sharing valuable content to different publishers.

This valuable content doesn’t have to necessarily mean the content category which the publisher already has.

It can be both, complementary or supplementary.

In travel, if a blogger peer has written extensively about Europe, a detailed guide about the French Alps might not be very valuable for the publisher’s readers, despite it being very detailed.

But, if I share my expertise about travel in India, they can find it interesting.

For a publisher who has a lot of depth with regards to travel in Europe, a bit about travel in India can be a fresh waft of air”

92) Vineet Gupta – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Vineet Gupta

Vineet Gupta

Link building was and still is an important factor if you want to rank higher in SERP’s.

But, the rules of the game have changed.

Earlier you can get links from any website and your website would have got the value out of that link.

Which is not the case anymore.

Today, search engines have algorithms have become way too smart with the addition of AI to it.

You need to play smartly, it is important to ensure that you are not leaving the footprints for search engines to follow and detect you are building links for your website.

When it comes to building links what works for me is Guest Post links.

Here’s my approach to it:

I reach out to the websites in my niche, reaching out to around 50 websites in a day.

That makes approximately 1500 guest post pitches in a month.

I get around 50-70 positive responses from those website editors and finally, I manage to get 30-35 live links.


Of course! And the best part is those are free links from authority websites. I don’t pay for the links!

Another technique I use is I connect with other link builders and do the collaboration.

I add their links in my articles that I publish on various websites and they add my links in the articles that they publish on various websites.

Collaborating with 4-5 such link builders helps in scaling the process and it looks more natural links are coming in for a website.

One last link building technique I would like to share is link acquisitions.

I will explain this with an example: I reach out to websites who have written the listicle articles like “Best XYZ Tools”,  provide the website editor with our tool details and a descriptive text to be included in the article.

Another good way is to publish such listicle articles on various websites and listing your product in the top 3.

This will give your product/website more visibility and help in getting some natural backlinks.

93) Vaishali Sudan Sharma – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Smart Guest Blogging:

This needs to be done gradually and with a strategy in mind.

Content is king! Publish high-quality, useful content by fellow-bloggers who can help leverage their blog and also get free publicity in return.

Build the guest post through meta tags, and headings.

Link out to reputable sites and avoid engaging in any unnatural link schemes.

I Why Infographic Outreach?

Infographics are the graphical representation of information – Which basically helps us summarize the blog’s content in an image form.

Infographic enhance the blog’s content and does help in making a blog visually more appealing to the audience.

Infographic can be also used as a reference to a blog across social media channels in the smartest co-branding format.

II Things You Should Take Care While Doing Infographic Outreach:

Study the blog’s design language, Try to sync up with design style a blog follows while doing an infographic outreaching

Get to know the type of content they write – Your information is infographic should align with that

You have to make it really good to make it sharable

You can make them in the form of Guestographic or Gifographic

i.e. An infographic with a small piece of content (Guestographic) or an Infographic with animation (Gifographic)

They can be pretty expensive if outsourced

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar

When it comes to building links, the most common issue that we face regularly is to attract high-quality links.

Most of the newbies are falling into the trap of bulk link buying or spam link building.

Such tactics can never assure quality.

A quality backlink is that which drives traffic to your website or resource page.

I recommend that one should focus on attracting links with the help of written content, images, infographics and video tutorials.

You can also do research and create a highly resourced article or case study.

Case studies that offer genuine value will help you attract links not just from blogs but from businesses, brands and influencers also.

Invest time, build authority and earn backlinks.

95) Sanu Siddharth – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Sanu Siddharth

Sanu Siddharth

SO, here is my backlink strategy which I follow on my website/blog to boost SERP & traffic.

First of all,

Guest Blogging: This is one of my favourite method which I’m following since I started blogging.

Because it gives 3 important benefits like Self Branding, Traffic to your blog & most important (Do-follow backlink)

another one is Forum & Q/A websites.

Forums give us the opportunity to use Website URL as a signature or you can use your link as a reference for the answer of any query.

Same with Q/A site like Quora or Yahoo answers.

96) Pardeep GoyalFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Pardeep Goyal

Pardeep Goyal

Guest posting is still my favorite technique because it helps me contribute to others, build relationships, authority & links.

I try to find out a sweet spot where I can provide the real value to the fellow blogger & get a link back on the desired Anchor text.

To replicate this technique, analyze the blog and know his audience’s taste.

Come with the ideas in which you can naturally insert the links with target anchors and also add value to their audience.

97) Basilis Kanonidis – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Basilis Kanonidis

Basilis Kanonidis

For 2020 I think that everyone should upscale their Link Building Techniques.

As we are seen content marketing trends, the links to be planned should be based on Outreach.

Software like NinjaOutreach can help upscale the game.

Outreach for Guests Posts, Broken Link Building, Testimonials or simple to build good relationships.

A good relationship might eventually land a really good partnership that can help you with your Link Building.

A really great growth hack and my favorite one when it comes to Link Building is the directory link building.

Just put your web site – everywhere.

It does take time but eventually will help a lot more faster than the time outreach campaigns take.

98) Ashutosh Jha – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ashutosh Jha

Ashutosh Jha

I use Semrush mainly for all my link building campaigns along with combinations with Moz.

Here are some of the tools that I use:

Semrush – I have been using this tool for many years now and found one of the most reliable tools.

Help get to know about backlinks, opportunities, and competitors quickly.

Apart from Semrush, sometimes, I also use tools like MOZ, SimilarWeb, and Ubersuggest.

99) Adarsh M – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin



Build a brand, so people recognize you, trust you and link to your content website.


Links are powerful and your competitors know this as well as you do.

Monitor your links and be sure that the connections your website is creating online are the ones you want – not ones that help your competition.

Link well and rank well. It’s an easy formula, after all.

Connect with us on the Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

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