The GuestCrew Coin Giveaway Contest January 2018

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2018!

Before we get into the donation and giveaway, let me first make it clear that we are testing some basic concepts here – and if all goes good – then we will implement the long term plans soon. We are going to donate crypto currencies for GuestCrew Coins that you earn by doing the offers. So we need to make it clear that we aren’t a crypto currency wallet or exchange, our own currency – the GuestCrewCoin isn’t on the blockchain yet and this donation is a small test and not a long term feature just yet!

Now, moving on, here is what we are planning:

GuestCrew Crypto

GuestCrew Crypto

You earn the GuestCrew Coin by completing social offers – based on the followers you have, you earn anything from 2 coins to 20 coins. These coins can be used to promote your own content. That is how it stands as of yet – but moving forward we want to let you exchange these coins for Crypto Coins. Here, we are doing a small test just to see how viable and useful this concept is.

At this moment, the GuestCrewCoin can be obtained by doing the offers, or buying them via. the ProAdvertiser packages or receiving them via. Donations. For this giveaway, only coins that you earn by doing the offers are accepted.

If you want to take part in this contest, post a comment below with the following details:

1. Let us know your GuestCrew ID and Profile Link. For example, this is my GuestCrew id – (uttoransen) and Profile Link.

2. Do the offers and earn 100 coins. For anything that you share you will earn 2 to 20 coins depending on your social following. So accounts with more followers earn more coins.

3. Then go to your Advertiser Dashboard and click on the Left side navigation button that says – “Personal Wallet”. There’s two tabs in the wallet page, click on the donate coins tab.

In the option that says – “To which person you wish to donate?” put my id there: “uttoransen”

In the option that says – “Select type of coins you wish to donate:”  – Click on the Radio button that says: “Earned”

In the option that says – “Amount:” Enter 100, no more no less!

In the option that says – “Reason:” write – “Giveaway Contest January 2018”

4. Your BitCoin wallet address. We are giving away bitcoins, so make sure to post your BitCoin address, if you put any other crypto coin address then you are likely to lose the coin that we send you.

Please note: Do not make any mistake, if you enter wrong coin type, or more or less coin than 100 or make any other mistake, your entry will be discarded and you will lose the coins that you put here.

At this moment, one person can only have a single entry.

Reward: For 100 Social Coins you will receive 0.00025 BitCoins.

The plan forward: If all goes to plan then we will create a small Etherium mining setup and we will mine coins and give them away everyday. The amount of coin that you earn via. doing the offers and the coin that we mine each day – will be the going rate for this donation system in the future. We will also setup an automated process for this soon. The GuestCrewCoin isn’t on the blockchain yet, so that is yet another thing that we are planning to do.

That is pretty much for now,

Happy Crypto Earnings!

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  1. John Player says:

    Amazing article. Thanks for sharing this amazing and helpful article with us. I hope you keep your good work and publish article regularly.

  2. A very useful post regarding guest crew coin. People working in banking sectors and financial institution should read this. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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