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How To Use Guest Crew for Bloggers

How To Use Guest Crew for Advertisers

Q) What is Guest Crew?

Ans) Guest Crew is a platform where blog owners meet guest bloggers. Guest Bloggers or advertisers creates guest blogging campaigns. These campaigns provides blog owner will guest posts. As a blog owner you will find these offers in your dashboard. You will get free offers if you have elected for it, or else a paid offer can range anything from $1 to $500+

Q) What is Guest Blogging?

Ans) Guest blogging is a marketing tool where advertisers, marketers or other bloggers publish blog posts on blogs they do not own. This way, you get links, web traffic, subscribers, comments, sales, social votes, visibility, and much more from an audience that does not belong to you.

Q) What is a blog or what is blogging?

Ans) Bah! You already know that.

Q) How much to charge for a Guest Post?

Ans) The advertiser is already providing the content - on top of that he will also pay to get his post pubilshed on your blog. Here's a general idea on how the fees is set.

Let's say your blog is pretty new with low traffic and backlinks - It is less than PR2 and has a Domain Authority (DA) of less than 20. Would suggest you to keep you fees below $20 per published guest posts.

PR2+ | DA 20+ - $20+

PR3+ | DA 30+ - $30+

PR4+ | DA 40+ - $40+

Basically, you get the idea of how much to charge for guest posts. For the advertisers - the more you pay, the better blogs you can get placed into. Pagerank and DA or any other metrics can not truly define the quality of a blog. I have guest blogged for - problogger, copyblogger, johnchow, kissmetrics, boostblogtraffic, bloggingtips, kikolani and many more... with proper funds and high quality content, you can even make it to forbes, huffingtonpost etc.

Q) How to get started as a blogger?

Ans) You need one acccount for both bloggers and advertisers. Once you are registered for free and logged in - you will be taken to the Dashboard. Choose the Blogger option to enter the Blogger's Dashboard. Once inside the dashboard - you will get offers from various advertisers. An offer will show you the overview of the article and the fees you will earn by publishing it on your blog.

Q) How to get started as an Advertiser?

Ans) Once you are registered and logged-in and you are on the dashboard - choose the advertiser option. Inside the advertiser dashboard you have options to start a guest blogging campaign - keep them saved as drafts or track live campaigns. When you start a campaign, you set your rules. What categories you want to target, the stats of the target blogs in terms of PR, DA, Alexa etc., how much you are planning to pay the blogger to publish the guest post. Set 0 if you want to start a free campaign where the blogger does not earns anything for publishing your post. For targeting some really powerful blogs with PR5+ set your fees high.

Q) What is the Credit/coin system?

Ans) About the Credits System - This is another very unique feature of Guest Crew. As an Advertiser you can buy credits to start your guest blogging campaign. We also have a donate credit system, that way you can donate any number of credits - that you own, to another member of guest crew. This feature is helpful on the Guest Crew forums for crowd sourcing your work. Check your Credits History here. Bloggers can withdraw their earned coins for Paypal dollars. 1 coin = $1. Average payout time is 3 to 5 working days. Also, read - when will I get paid.

Q) Is Guest Crew a Paid Service?

Ans) If you are a blogger, looking to publish great content on your blog, then Guest Crew is absolutely free for you. Most of the campaigns are paid, which mean, as a blogger you will get paid to publish guest posts on your blog.

We understand that not everyone is blogging to make money. Not every startup is funded and not every new blogger has marketing or advertisement funds. Yes, we are here to make money, but we also appreciate and welcome those who does not have a marketing budget. You can run free guest blogging campaigns on guest crew. In a free campaign - set blogger budget to 0 and on the final screen where it says - make payment - click on it. You won't be taken to the payment page if you have selected 0 in the blogger budget.

Feel free to check out the "Earn Free Credits" section of the forums and you will find plenty of opportunities to earn some free credits.

Q) Social Credits

Social Credits can not be withdrawn. They can only be used to start a - social campaign.

This is a new feature and more details will be provided for these soon.

Q) Is Paypal the only way to purchase credits?

Ans) Paypal is the only payment processor we have on site, however as an advertiser if you are looking to pay us via another payment method like - bank transfer, moneybookers, 2co etc. do contact us. We can arrenge it for you and send credits to your Guest Crew account manually.

Feel free to contact us in case you have got more questions. Or add me to your skype for quick response - uttoransen