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Proofreading – 28 Step Guide to Doing it Right

by June 30th, 2013 14 responses

Q) Why do we see so many mistakes in web copy? Ans. The pages were never checked by a proof reader. Writing is only half the story behind good copy. The writer remembers what he thought he was typing so everything you write needs to be proofread by someone else. All writing has errors until […]

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31 Step to Successful Guest Blogging

by June 16th, 2013 11 responses

This article offers a step by step guide of how you can use guest blogging to your own advantage

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Welcome to Guest Crew

by June 1st, 2013 13 responses

Hello friends, welcome to the blog of Guest Crew. This is our very first blog post. Hope you are as excited as we are. Moving forward, we will mostly post updates from the Guest Crew site, both in terms of statistics and general information on what is going on. You can expect firsthand knowledge about […]

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The folks at Guest Crew are savvy content marketers who know their way around social media and understand how to squeeze the most shares and traffic from content.

David Leonhardt

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