How to Add a Status Update on GuestCrew

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022


Guest Crew is growing every day!

We login into the GuestCrew admin section everyday and find new faces – some of them are big and all powerful demigods of the social media influencer realm and others while not exactly that huge but they are enough to keep us happy knowing that our platform is active, that people keep using it for their social and content marketing requirements.

GuestCrew is an easy to use system as it is fairly straightforward, all you have to do is – add a status update, like you do on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, then boost your content from coins earned by sharing other people’s status updates and let the system do the rest.

We have seen senior GuestCrew members like Brian of BlogEngage use all of the GuestCrew’s features with ease. However, since Brian, like many others have seen the system evolve over the years, they know the ins and outs of it. The same can’t be true for new members who, right after login, find themselves with so many features and buttons – they feel confused, overwhelmed or simply find themselves with too many options.

To make things clear – here’s the GuestCrew guide on How to Add a Status Update and Promote your Content:

Guest Crew Guide

Guest Crew Guide

What is GuestCrew?

  • Guest Crew is a Dofollow Social Bookmarking site with social media content marketing features.
  • It is an influencer marketing platform as we have influencers from several popular platforms like Twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, quora, reddit and many other social media platforms where our influencers can share your valuable content.
  • GuestCrew is a Cross Platform content sharing platform.
  • GuestCrew is a bloggers network where bloggers and social media experts hang out.

The GuestCrew filters and content approval system.

When you signup as a new user, you will get an email with a link to activate your account. Sometimes this email ends up in your spam box or somehow the system fails to send you an email for any other reason. Feel free to contact us directly if that happens and we will manually activate your account.

Once you are in, navigate to the settings page and request for adding status updates. Normally at this stage you can’t even see your profile as it isn’t publicly visible. If you try to add a status update it will show a notification that your account requires manual approval for adding a status update. This process takes a few hours time and once your account is activated you should be able to add status update.

How to Add a Status Update on GuestCrew for Sharing your Content.

Status Update Creation

Status Update Creation

Adding a status update on GuestCrew is pretty much the same thing as sharing content on your favorite social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We want our content to reach more people which is why we share our content on the social media.

Simply navigate to the Influencer Dashboard and start typing in the status update box. The same status update text box is available on your profile page. You can add your status update in which ever way you wish but since our target is to promote your status update on the social media sites, like Twitter – so it is best to follow a format that best suits our Twitter app.

Make your status update very short but make sure to include the following:

  • Few words to start with,
  • Preferably a hashtag included,
  • Then some @Twitter ids including your own so that you can get notifications on Twitter
  • A link to the main article that you are sharing.
  • Lastly, upload a relevant image, the image is taken from the link as a preview but always best to upload an image.

We have explained this process in detail in the screenshot above and below.

Published Status

Published Status

Now that your status update is live on GuestCrew, it is now time to promote it.

For boosting a status update, so that it reaches a wider audience you need to promote other people content – earn coin and use them to boost your own status. Feel free to upgrade to a pro-advertiser package where you will get coins that you can spend to boost your status.

Boost Status Update

Boost Status Update

When someone boosts their status update, it reaches the Offers section. Members who are looking to earn coins by sharing other people’s status updates browse the offers section and share content.

Feel free to boost your status update with any number of coins. When a member share a boosted status update, he can earn 2 to 20 coins depending on how big his social media follower count is. The same number of coins are deducted from the boosted status update and once the boosted coin count is zero, the status update is removed from the offers section.

Check Stats: Whenever someone shares your content via. the GuestCrew platform, it will become visible on the stats page.

Guest Crew Stats

Guest Crew Stats

That is pretty much it – if you have any feedback or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section.


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    I love guest crew and have been using it for years! Really, I have actually been here submitting for years! I think Guest Crew has the ability to be a great system for both content creators and content marketers. If you want to drive traffic and widen your audience, you must be submitting here!
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