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Top 10 Tips for Using Live Videos to Modernize your Marketing

by November 9th, 2018 14 responses

If you want to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, you can not neglect video content.  According to a recent survey, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photos. Luckily for you, it’s easier than ever – and cheaper than ever – to include video in your marketing strategy.  Live video […]

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Sneak Peek Into The Latest Trends In Content Promotion

Sneak Peek Into The Latest Trends In Content Promotion

by August 1st, 2018 3 responses

There are a lot modern media trends in terms of Public Relations, or PR. Content creation incorporating SEO functions in a marketing capacity, but also in a PR capacity – you’re directly relating to not only the public, but specifically the public you’re trying to convert to your products and services. For best overall PR, […]

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33 Ways to Make Content Repurposing Work for You

by November 19th, 2015 18 responses

Time is money. Whether it’s your time or someone else’s, each hour is valuable. Spending those hours in the most productive way possible isn’t just lucrative. It’s common sense. And what better way to maximize your productivity than by repurposing the material that takes so much time to create? Your content. Think of how much […]

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Newsjacking – 21 Ways to Be Sure You’re Doing it Right

by August 14th, 2015 29 responses

There is one thing we never run out of us – news. There is always something happening in the world, and there are always marketers looking to capitalize on it. After all, going viral is one of the best ways to generate traffic. Enter newsjacking. While the name sounds like a shady exchange of gossip […]

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content marketing

The Bare Bones of Content Marketing – 32 Ways to Reach Your Market

by January 19th, 2015 14 responses

They’re waiting. They want to buy. They want to sign up! They are dying for what you’re selling. They just don’t know it yet. Customers are always looking to buy. This is a consumer-driven society after all. So why not give them what they want? Your products! It’s an art. It’s a skill It can […]

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Build it and They Will Come – 12 Blogging Tips to Propel Your Site Forward

by November 26th, 2013 3 responses

If you think you’re doing everything right but your on-going results are disappointing then this article is for you. By the end of it you should have a better idea of what will lead to your success, and what will lead to blogging oblivion

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Content Marketing Case Study – Fake News by National Report

by November 15th, 2013 6 responses

Consider the recent article from The article entitled The Assam Rape Festival In India Begins This Week detailed a supposedly ancient tradition in the north eastern state of India.

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25 Tips on Writing a Press Release That Boost Conversion

by October 6th, 2013 6 responses

today – press releases are used for much more than just getting a story out there. They can also be an invaluable marketing tool

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Reader Engagement

11 Top Tips to Increase Reader Engagement

by July 29th, 2013 11 responses

So there you have it, my top 11 tips for increasing reader engagement. You really do have to think from the point of view of the person visiting your website to ensure that you provide them with some added value to keep them coming back again and again. They need to be interested and motivated

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23 Secrets to Creating Viral Content

by July 22nd, 2013 7 responses

Everyone wants viral content.

It’s news.

Big News!

The sort of thing that makes headlines.

But how do you get viral content?

What’s the big secret?

There isn’t just one secret – there are 23.

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18 Keys to Building a Content Marketing Audience

by July 15th, 2013 8 responses

Content marketing is the sharing of free information with websites and businesses around the web. You get it in front of your target consumers. The publishers get quality information to share. Everyone’s a winner

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