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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014


Are you able to keep pace with the changes that are coming to Guest Crew?

Our social features are finally live; let us see what has changed and what is new.

Remember those old days when we used to do a social push for a cause, a blog post, or just to promote something on the guest crew forum. We have automated that with a twist.

That feature is now known as a social campaign. On a social campaign, any shares that you do – be it a facebook share, twitter tweet etc. those shares are not posted immediately, rather they are saved on the Guest Crew system and guestcrew automatically releases them on the due date of the campaign.

Guest Crew advertisers

Guest Crew advertisers

For example, this campaign about the “International Girl Child Day” has a social reach of 3,05,396. We have run this campaign for the past whole month. During this time all the social shares that were posted on that campaign were stored in GuestCrew via our social apps. Now, on the due date of the campaign, which was 11th of October, all of these month long accumulated social shares was released, automatically, at the same time.

The idea is simple. You get social shares on your posts and updates everyday, but they happen randomly. Which is why it does not goes viral. Look at some of your blog posts, they got some social shares … now imagine if all of those social shares were posted at the same time. That will flood the social media and cause a viral effect most of the time.

We, at were busy for the past few months making this system. This is the ultimate social media marketing platform – launch something with a bang, get the support for your crowdfunding projects. Stand up for a cause, or simply get your message out there. Amplify your voice and reach a greater audience.

As a GuestCrew tradition, we launch every new feature with a contest. So, we are once again planning to do a contest.

Blogging For A Cause

Blogging For A Cause

This time, we are doing a cause based contest – “Blogging for a Cause” #BloggingForACause

We have already done a few successful contests so far, paying $1000+ in Cash Prizes!

August 2013 – $500 in Cash Prizes Contest

February 2014 – Daily Cash Give Away Contest

This time, we want to do a Grand Contest with Prizes totaling several thousand dollars!

Sponsors! Contact us.



Guest Crew will put $500 cash for the contest. With sponsors, we can raise this budget to a pretty high amount.

Sponsors will be mentioned on the contest page. We will do an official contest launch campaign, to promote the contest. Sponsors will have their banners displayed on the contest page.

Here’s a full list of benefits that the sponsors gets:

  • $10 – Beginner Sponsor – Minimum sponsorship amount – Get your name on the contest page.
  • $50 – Standard Sponsor – (All benefits from Beginner Sponsor +) Display your banner or logo next to your name in the contest page.
  • $100 – Regular Sponsor – (All benefits from Standard Sponsor +) Host a “Contest Campaign Page” on your blog. This is where all the social shares of the contest and the resulting traffic will land on. If the contest trends, this can bring plenty of social shares, traffic, backlinks etc.
  • $250 – Featured Sponsor. (All benefits from Regular Sponsor +) You will be displayed separately on the campaign page along with other Featured sponsors. Your banner or logo will be displayed prominently.
  • $500 – Elite Sponsor. (All benefits from Featured Sponsor +) Your banners or logo will be featured on top of the sponsors list. You can host 2 campaign pages on your blog. We will also make one of the campaign topic related to your business.

Note: This is a full Cash Contest, so we can only accept $ for sponsorship.

Now, here are the contest details:

The contest idea is very simple. Participants need to create a social campaign. Promote it. And the campaign with the largest social reach will win. There can be additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd and so on. We like to spread the prizes, so there will surely be more than one winner.

Now, if you are wondering what a social campaign is, here are a few examples of our past social campaigns.

International Literacy Day 2014

International Day of the Girl Child 2014

Here is how the social reach is counted. When you support a campaign, your follower numbers are added to the social reach. So if I have 5000 followers on twitter and I support a campaign, that will be +5000 added to the social reach. Please note that it is not easy to manipulate the social reach, as one person can only support once. We drop a session cookie to make sure that you can’t support twice, not even with a separate social account on the same social network. Also the fact that you have to authenticate your social profile to support the campaign makes it difficult for the fake accounts to support.

Here’s the list of topics.

(Campaign Topics will be added later)

If you want to participate in this contest, please select a topic. Let me know about it and will assign that topic to you. You will then make a campaign on that topic. You need the following things to start a campaign: A small but catchy article. An image is a must; it should be 880*440 pixels as that is the best size for twitter. You must own the image copyright or use an image with permission. You can add additional images or videos if you want. Here is the form to start a social campaign.

A free social campaign costs 100 social coins. They can be earned on Guest Crew by supporting other such campaigns, but that will take time, so the participants of this contest will get 100 free social coins to start the campaign. When you contact me, mention that you need the free coins to start the campaign.

So, when you contact me, send me the following information:

  • –          Your Guest Crew id
  • –          The topic you want to make a campaign on
  • –          Your name and your blog URL

We will do an official Social Campaign to promote the contest and announce the start of the campaign. This blog post is only an update about the upcoming contest.

As a participant of this contest, you need to do the following things:

Write a blog post about this contest announcing the contest and that you are going to join it. In the blog post, mention about the sponsors and give a link to the sponsor’s website.

Share this post on the social media.

Full list of Contest Participants (will be updated later).

Thank you everyone for your support,

Looking forward to have an exciting contest ahead.


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