Sneak Peek Into The Latest Trends In Content Promotion

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

There are a lot modern media trends in terms of Public Relations, or PR. Content creation incorporating SEO functions in a marketing capacity, but also in a PR capacity – you’re directly relating to not only the public, but specifically the public you’re trying to convert to your products and services.

For best overall PR, beyond specific PR agencies, you need to keep fully updated on trends in online marketing. You’ll want to consolidate outreach such that it maintains brand identity, something which can sometimes best be done through a provider of such services; but which isn’t impossible to effect internally, if you’re dedicated enough. The following six trends will be considerable for most businesses today; especially those working to maximize ROI and sustainable growth.

Sneak Peek Into The Latest Trends In Content Promotion

Sneak Peek Into The Latest Trends In Content Promotion

1. The Profusion Of Video

According to this source, “Video is taking over the internet, literally…by 2021, traffic to videos will increase four-fold and make up more than 80% of total internet use.”

You want videos of your business in action. Employees should be captured doing what they do. Advertisements are good, as are video blogs. For example, if you were in Real Estate, you might do a weekly blog that goes over trends defining the market, and new properties that are “hot”.

Personal videos from smartphones, tablets, and laptops made in a professional capacity can be of interest. What you want to do is ensure that whatever you post has three qualities: relevancy, alignment with brand identity, and shareable content. If you ran an RV shop, for example, you might show how to hook up water tanks.

Answer questions that are known to surfeit your operation. Additionally, provide some strategies that your clients can use on their own. You want to be promotional, but nobody likes watching a commercial perpetually. If you’ve got applicability to your clientele, then you’re more likely to convert them to products or services. You may even do something like sponsor a popular, or developing, YouTube channel. Businesses have been doing this for years, and such agreements can be mutually beneficial to all involved. It all depends on the scope and resources of your operation, of course.

2. Why Original Content Is Necessary

Original Content

Original Content

Whatever you create has to be original. You don’t want to rehash anything. Think of Coca-Cola. Now think of Sam’s Club Cola. Which one is more likely to be in your shopping cart? You’ll only go with the off-brand if it’s on sale; because it’s really just a knockoff.

It’s bad enough when you’ve got knockoffs in terms of products. When your marketing is likewise derivative, that’s a big turn off. The trend today is content which is original, likable, useful. Humor is an excellent tool here, if you can swing it authentically.

3. Content Available In Different Formats

It’s important to have viable content in multiple forms, but you also want to be careful to ensure you’re seeing ROI on your content visibility strategies, like SEO. SEO shouldn’t just be focused on video, or blogs. You need to ensure it silhouettes social media outreach, and is even represented in HTML code through meta-tagging.

Ensure additionally that all content options are mobile-friendly. People are using the web more and more in today’s world, and mobile access is characterizing this increasing usage. There are applications you can optimize in terms of content and SEO on mobile devices.

Video is good, pictures are as well, and written content is very effective – additionally, you want to have options like mobile apps which are optimized for search engines. Be comprehensive about it.

4. Calculating For The Social Media Component

Social Media Component

Social Media Component

How prescient is social media? It helped Donald Trump get elected even though he spent $400+ million less than his opponent. Twitter ended up being the key to the heart of the American people, in a lot of ways. Your business must optimize online marketing to take advantage of this reality. Social media can transcend mainstream media, even though the mainstream technically controls social media.

If you can go viral on Facebook, Twitter,,, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any of the mainstream social media outlets, you’re going to see ROI. Those who can get social media working for them can substantively impact operations in a positive way.

But, again, sometimes this is best done through a professional digital marketing agency. Figuring out the best approach will depend on you, but if you can avoid reinventing the wheel, that makes good sense.

5. The Value Of Visuals That Are Interactive

Have you seen those pictures which show 360-degrees of view able area? These require interaction, and they’re a lot of fun. Is there an aspect of your business that could benefit from video or pictures interactive in this way? If you’re a business offering installation of mechanical components, you might show the process on a 360-degree camera.

Games, infographics, and the aforementioned mobile apps are all fine areas you can use to develop and nurture effective interactive visuals. You might even be creative enough to develop a small little mobile game where winning can result in a coupon of some variety. Let your imagination go, and explore your options.

6. Increased Legitimacy For Promoters And Buyers

This trend is a bit oblique, but here are the particulars: because social media presence and visibility is so fundamental to modern marketing, not making use of such solutions can actually have exceptionally negative impact. People rely on social media these days.

Consider this: reality TV shows have taken over, and both books and television seem as though they’re on the way out. A science fiction film where, in the next ten years, a child born in an affluent community would have a choice for a “social media chip” from any of the big phone companies is a film that wouldn’t be that hard to find plausible.

Technology exponentially increases on itself at measurable intervals—commonly around 18 months, in accordance with the pattern technology expert Gordon Moore discovered. The trend now is SEO across social media, incorporated into HTML, and additionally promulgated across visual mediums as possible; all optimized for mobile use.

Maximizing Outreach

Getting your marketing streamlined into profitability will take time. With professional effort, and exposition of products and services which are qualitative enough to retain clientele, you can see ROI in as little as six months – if you stick with it. A year is more likely. However, the more comprehensive and trend-prescient you are, the more effective you’ll be.

Pay attention to how you’re perceived by facilitating appropriate social media presence. Incorporate some visuals that are interactive. Ensure the content you provide exists in multiple formats. Make all your content utterly original – and on brand – and don’t forget the visual element, which some studies find constitutes over 80% of web usage.

These are only six current trends, others will come and go. Remain prescient, and lastly, consider working with agencies who specialize in some of these things to reduce trial-and-error losses.

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