Social Media Content Scheduling Features for 2023 and Beyond

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

One of the key features of GuestCrew is also perhaps the most under rated feature we ever had. Years ago when we started GuestCrew, social media content scheduling was our top priority. We made a unique feature where not only one can schedule their posts, but they can also collaborate with other social media users and time their updates so that all of the social posts were posted on the same second, creating a buzz, trending hash tag and so much more.

Our features were moving towards social marketing instead of social scheduling and we left our original content scheduling plans and moved further into the arena of social content marketing. The features were aggressive, the social sites – Twitter and others, while they were allowing it somewhat or perhaps we were just under their radar, and somehow it all continued to keep working.

This year, we are planning to fall back to our original plans and keep the content scheduling on the top of other features that we have on GuestCrew now.

Social Media Content Scheduling Features for 2023 and Beyond.

Social Media Content Scheduling Features for 2023 and Beyond.

To make things easier and smoother, we are moving to a new Laravel platform and we will roll the new social media content scheduling features slowly so that the system becomes lean and simply to use.

We already have the social media scheduling form but it was only available to the pro users. Now, we will make this form available to the – Forever Free Plan, thus making it available to everyone. This way, content scheduling for social media will not only be easy, it will be free as well.

Here’s a quick explanation on how the form works.

  1. Message field: Enter any text, for example the title of the article etc.
  2. Related Link: This is the external link field of the social update.
  3. Hashtag: Feel free to add any relevant hashtag
  4. Referred users: This field is for tagging users on the social media.
  5. There is an image upload field at the bottom of the form.

That is pretty much it. We will keep this form easy and simple, after all social content scheduling should be a simple process without too many fancy buttons, options and distractions.

At this moment, our system is compatible with Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Very soon we are looking to expand into other social media sites as well, for example Pinterest. All of these networks will be available for scheduling on the free plan so that our members can utilize the full potential of our scheduling features.

We will take a pause on the marketing features that we have on our site. These features and the coin structure are some of the least used features of GuestCrew and thus we are putting those features on hold. However, we do have plans for rolling those features at a later time. At this moment content scheduling will be our top priority.

Looking forward to your feedback, comments will be appreciated.

One response to “Social Media Content Scheduling Features for 2023 and Beyond”

  1. Aadiv S says:

    Great article! It’s really interesting to see how social media content scheduling is evolving and what new features are being developed. I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes will impact the way we manage content in the future.

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